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Vice President Óscar Ortiz speaking with El Mundo
To halt criminal violence in the country, El Salvador's vice president has outlined additional... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

El Salvador will ‘Target and Disband’ Criminal Structures: Vice President

Human Rights Watch Report: Unchecked Power
A new report by Human Rights Watch that documents numerous alleged extrajudicial killings by... ReadLeer
/ Venezuela

Venezuela’s Security Forces: Protectors or Perpetrators?

Human Rights Watch has chronicled violent drivers of the continuing child migration crisis, as well... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

Report: Mexico Assumes Role of Turning Migrant Children Back

Residents abandoned the streets during the strike
Colombia criminal organization the Urabeños' recently decreed 24-hour strike emptied streets and... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Colombia’s Urabeños Order Strike, Seek Peace Negotiations?

The proposals would tighten restrictions in El Salvador's prisons
El Salvador's Congress unanimously approved a packet of "extraordinary" measures to be implemented... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

El Salvador Moves to Clamp Down on Prisons, Gangs

Mexican experts at meth lab bust in Nigeria
The recent arrest of four Mexicans allegedly involved in a methamphetamine manufacturing operation... ReadLeer
/ Criminal Migration

Mexico Groups Well Placed for Global Meth Market

A destroyer patrols the Eastern Pacific as part of Operation Martillo
The US-backed anti-drug initiative Operation Martillo has been hammering away at drug traffic in... ReadLeer
/ Costa Rica

CentAm Drug Initiative Boasts Questionable Victories in 5th Year