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This study focuses on four countries: Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Colombia. Each presents... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Elites and Organized Crime: Methodology

Organized crime and the violence associated with it is the preeminent problem in Latin America and... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Elites and Organized Crime: Introduction

This project defines organized crime as: a structured group of people that associate on a regular... ReadLeer
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Elites and Organized Crime: Conceptual Framework – Organized Crime

This InSight Crime project defines elites as: specific groups of people with a privileged position... ReadLeer
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Elites and Organized Crime: Conceptual Framework – Elites

Organized crime is not an abstract concept for me. I grew up in Oak Park, a leafy suburb of Chicago... ReadLeer
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Elites and Organized Crime: Preface

Military police deployed to Reparto Lempira
Authorities in Honduras have deployed military forces to a neighborhood threatened by the Barrio 18... ReadLeer
/ Barrio 18

Military Police Occupy Honduras Neighborhood After Gang Threat

Timber trafficking in Peru
An environmental group has accused Peru's government of cutting short the term of its top forestry... ReadLeer
/ Eco-Trafficking

LatAm Eco-Traffickers Thrive Off High Profits and Low Risk

FARC guerrillas in Colombia
Proponents of enduring peace in Colombia are warning that an agreement taking shape to end over 50... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Colombia’s Coca Fields Will Fuel Conflict Post Agreement

The Sinaloa Cartel has long trafficked cocaine through Panama
Authorities in Panama disbanded a suspected Sinaloa Cartel cell, drawing attention to the... ReadLeer
/ Panama

Sinaloa Cell Captured in Panama; Local Gangs Step Up Power

Guatemala President Jimmy Morales
Guatemala's President Jimmy Morales says organized crime is trying to destabilize his government,... ReadLeer
/ Guatemala

Guatemala President: Organized Crime Seeking to Destabilize Govt

Oscar Solorzano says corruption has cost Venezuela $350 billion
An independent specialist says government officials in Venezuela have diverted some $350... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

$350 Billion Lost to Corruption in Venezuela: Expert

Honduras prisons are hotbeds of organized crime
A recent report highlighted critical problems within Honduras' prisons, where the prevalence of... ReadLeer
/ Honduras

Honduras Prisons Put Inmates at Risk, Fuel Gang Violence: OAS