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Colombia's Ombudsman's office says a struggle between guerrillas and neo-paramilitaries over drug... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Drug Clashes Spark Humanitarian Crisis: Colombia Ombudsman

Presidential frontrunner Daniel Scioli (center)
Responding to public concerns over growing drug activity and violence in the country, Argentina's... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

Drug Trafficking Top Issue for Argentina’s Presidential Candidates

El Salvador Security Minister Benito Lara's recent criticism of "iron fist" security policies is an... ReadLeer
/ Barrio 18

El Salvador Official Slams ‘Iron Fist’ Security Policies

Victor Ramon Navarro Serrano, alias "Megateo,"
Locals in eastern Colombia have reportedly hidden the remains of recently killed narco-guerrilla... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Legend of Colombia Narco-Guerrilla Grows in Death

A paramilitary turns in his arms to an official
The run-up to Colombia's local elections on Sunday has seen a drop in political violence compared... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

The Evolution of Criminal Influence in Colombia’s Local Elections

Federico Franco
Officials in Paraguay have opened a criminal investigation into former President Federico Franco,... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

Investigation into Paraguay Ex-President Reflects Regional Trend

The GIEI's new theory on the 43 disappeared students offers little closure
A brand new theory offers an answer to the infuriating question of why a criminal group in Mexico... ReadLeer
/ Guerreros Unidos

Despite New Theories, Uncertainty Remains Regarding Mexico’s Missing 43

Prisons in Brazil's Pernambuco state are severely overcrowded
A new report by Human Rights Watch (HRW) details the extent of inhumane conditions in several... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Human Rights Watch Describes Horrific Brazil Prisons

The US has provided Mexico $2.3 billion in aid since 2008 under the Merida Initiative
Citing a failure to meet human rights goals, the United States government has withheld $5 million... ReadLeer
/ Human Rights

US Withholds Aid to Mexico Over Human Rights Concerns

Mayor Edgar Medrano at the time of his arrest
Guatemalan authorities arrested a mayor accused of stealing over $1 million in municipal funds, a... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

Guatemala Arrests Mayor for Corruption, Money Laundering

Alias 'Yuca,' captured
Colombia's pursuit of drug trafficking group the Libertadores de Vichada saw a new victory with the... ReadLeer

Arrest Creates Opportunity for FARC in Eastern Colombia

Ivan Velasquez, CICIG Commissioner-in-chief
Guatemala’s presidential run-off is Sunday, but the country has already elected the winner: Ivan... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

How Colombia’s Judge Already Won Guatemala’s Elections