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Mexico's Senate has approved a new anti-corruption law
Mexico's Senate has finally approved a long debated anti-corruption law, but serious doubts remain... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Can New Law Tackle Corruption in Mexico?

Honduras' Minister of Education has claimed that local street gangs are directing ongoing students... ReadLeer
/ Honduras

Honduras Gangs Behind Student Protests: Minister

Angulo was head of the DIAN in Buenaventura and Cartagena
A former top official for Colombia's customs agency reportedly increased his wealth exponentially... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

‘Colombia Customs Official Got Rich Off Contraband’

A narco-caravan in Mexico prepares for battle
A new video of a caravan of hitmen in northern Mexican offers a rare view of the fighting forces of... ReadLeer
/ Illegal Mining

New Video Appears of Hit Squad in Mine-Rich Mexico Region

Hato Hasbun
Amidst rising violence in El Salvador, a new problem has emerged: contradictory narratives from the... ReadLeer
/ Barrio 18

As Violence Rises, El Salvador Police Contradict Themselves

Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez
In a curious story that raises as many questions as it answers, Spanish news agency EFE is... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

Alleged Honduras President Assassination Plot Raises Questions

Gerald Oropeza Lopez
A judge in Peru has ordered the preliminary detention of a suspect who allegedly helped the mafia... ReadLeer
/ Criminal Migration

‘Tony Montana’ (of Peru) Tied to Italy’s ‘Ndrangheta Mafia

Police in Buenos Aires province
Argentina's Buenos Aires province registered over 1,000 complaints of torture perpetrated by... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

Buenos Aires Police Torture Cases Indicate Institutional Problem

Panama's legislation is designed to remove the country's notoriety as a regional money laundering... ReadLeer
/ Money Laundering

Can Panama Shed Money Laundering Notoriety?

Brazilian police in the country's Amazon region
Over 75 percent of all environmentalists killed in 2014 were from either Central or South America,... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

75% of Killings of Environmentalists Occur in LatAm: Report

A leaked report offers a rare, albeit incomplete glimpse at the Venezuelan government's official... ReadLeer
/ Homicides

Venezuela Identifies Most Violent Municipalities

Alleged head of the Juarez Cartel, “El Chuyin”
Authorities have captured the alleged head of the Juarez Cartel, once one of Mexico's most powerful... ReadLeer
/ Juarez Cartel

Mexico Captures Alleged Head of Once Mighty Juarez Cartel