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Ex-Magistrate Jorge Pretelt
In the latest twist in a corruption scandal that has rocked Colombia's justice system, the former... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Listen: Corrupt Colombia Judges Discuss Trading Favors

A policeman at a Juarez crime scene in 2010
Ciudad Juarez has dramatically reduced homicides in recent years, but the lack of clarity on how... ReadLeer
/ Homicides

Why Juarez’s Security Success Will be Difficult to Duplicate

Four of the 11 accused soccer players
Judicial proceedings have begun in the case of eleven former soccer players from El Salvador's... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

Proceedings Begin in El Salvador Soccer Match Fixing Scandal

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner
A new study analyzes the political and judicial environment in Argentina, arguing that the current... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

Argentina Govt Created Culture of Impunity: Report

National District chief prosecutor Yeni Berenice
A top-level prosecutor in the Dominican Republic said the military and police are involved in 90... ReadLeer
/ Caribbean

‘Police Involved in 90% of Dominican Republic Organized Crime Cases’

Captured Zetas leader Alejandro "Omar" Treviño Morales, alias  "Z42"
A US government cable that reportedly speculates who would replace the Zetas' recently captured... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

How the US Govt Gets It Wrong with the Zetas

Authorities in Argentina have conducted multiple raids against a group suspected of laundering... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

Scale of Anti-Money Laundering Raid a Novelty in Argentina

Deputies make final corrections of El Salvador's anti-extortion law
El Salvador has finally passed a much delayed anti-extortion law, but serious doubts remain over... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

Can New Law Bring El Salvador Extortion Under Control?

"El Gringo" is the top priority for police in Amambay province
Paraguay authorities have identified a central figure in the country's transnational drug trade... ReadLeer
/ Paraguay

Hunt Intensifies for New Face of Paraguay’s Drug Trade

Authorities in Argentina busted a large-scale synthetic drug lab, further demonstrating that... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

Argentina Seizes 12,000 Pills in Synthetic Drug Ring Bust

Smugglers carrying contraband goods near the Brazil-Paraguay border
An investigation into Brazil's massive contraband trade highlights the scope of the problem and the... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

‘Crime without Punishment’: Brazil’s Massive Contraband Trade

Police in Uruguay stopping a motorcycle rider during the operation
Security forces in Uruguay have seized nearly 400 motorcycles in an operation meant to combat... ReadLeer
/ Homicides

Uruguay Targets Motorcycles in Effort to Fight Crime