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The US recently helped install solar panels in naval stations in Honduras and Nicaragua, an example... ReadLeer
/ Honduras

Honduras, Nicaragua Using Green Energy to Fight Drug Smuggling

Guatemalan soldiers on patrol
The United Nations has criticized Guatemala's increasingly militarized approach to combating... ReadLeer
/ Guatemala

UN Chastises Guatemala on Militarization of Security

A prominent academic and US military official is the most recent voice to call for a “Plan... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Plan Colombia is not a Cure-All for Latin America’s Woes

The US Treasury Department's removal of multiple Cuban entities from a narco-terrorist blacklist,... ReadLeer
/ Cuba

What’s Behind US Removal of Cuban Entities from Blacklist?

A Paraguayan politician, who previously served time in prison for drug trafficking, is now under... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

Paraguay Investigates Ex-Fugitive ‘Drug Lord’ Politician

Costa Rican authorities with seized contraband
Costa Rica is considering imposing prison sentences for small-scale contraband smugglers, a... ReadLeer
/ Contraband

Costa Rica Proposes Harsh Punishments for Contraband

A Blackhawk helicopter used by the Mexican military
Mexico's spending on defense equipment -- much of which is intended for use in combating organized... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

New Strategy, Familiar Result: Militarization in Mexico

Barrio 18 gang members
A series of anonymous testimonies from Barrio 18 gang members taken by El Salvador's Attorney... ReadLeer
/ Barrio 18

Barrio 18 in El Salvador: A View from the Inside

Corrupt soldiers allegedly stole over 400 guns in Colombia
Recently released wiretap recordings shed light on how an arms trafficking ring within the... ReadLeer
/ Arms Trafficking

Call Recordings Reveal Colombia Military Arms Trafficking

Colombia aerially eradicated 47,000 hectares in 2013
World Health Organization affiliated scientists have declared that the weed killer used to aerially... ReadLeer
/ Coca

Report Linking Pesticide to Cancer Could Undermine Colombia Coca Eradication

Items seized from a cocaine lab in Argentina
A report on the drug trade in Argentina offers new evidence of the country’s role in cocaine... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

Peru Traffickers Running Cocaine Labs in Buenos Aires: Report

Mexico's state-owned oil company, Pemex
The United States has blacklisted nearly 20 gas stations in Mexico for their financial ties to... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Blacklisted by the US, Mexico Gas Stations Still in Business