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A helicopter shot down in 2009 in the VRAEM
IDL-Reporteros looks at the casualties suffered during Peru's guerrilla conflict in the so-called... ReadLeer
/ Peru

The Metrics of War: Peru’s Guerrilla Conflict

Barrio 18 members in Honduras
Figures compiled by a Honduras newspaper provide an illustration of the strongholds and scale of... ReadLeer
/ Barrio 18

A Snapshot of Honduras’ Most Powerful Street Gangs

Bishop Gregorio Rosa Chavez
Representatives of the Catholic Church have opened dialogue with gang leaders in El Salvador, which... ReadLeer
/ Barrio 18

El Salvador’s Catholic Church Talks of ‘Dialogue’ With Gangs

Bolivian soldiers eradicate coca
The Bolivian government expressed an interest in exchanging intelligence with the US Drug... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

Bolivia Open to Working with DEA: Minister

Buenaventura, Colombia is still plagued by criminal violence
The Colombian port city of Buenaventura is once again on high alert after the discovery of... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Violence Persists in Colombia Port City, Despite Military Surge