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Police violence is reportedly on the rise in Rio
After the fall in killings by police following the implementation of the Police Pacification Unit... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Police Killings in Brazil: Legalized Violence

Three quarters of Mexico's municipalities are vulnerable to infiltration and corruption by... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

75% of Mexico Municipalities Susceptible to Organized Crime: Official

President Cristina Kirchner
Following the mysterious death of prosecutor Alberto Nisman, the government in Argentina has done... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

Will Argentina’s 180 on Prosecutor’s Death Stem Political Damage?

A police officer in Medellin, Colombia
By one watchdog's count, about 86 percent of the world's most violent cities are based in Latin... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Latin America Dominates List of World’s Most Violent Cities

Weapons seized along US border with Mexico
A new study suggests the number of guns trafficked from the United States to Mexico is higher than... ReadLeer
/ Arms Trafficking

2,000 Illegal Weapons Cross US-Mexico Border Per Day: Report

Venezuelan security forces
The number of security personnel murdered in Venezuela rose nearly 20 percent in 2014, a reflection... ReadLeer
/ Infographics

Why are Killings of Security Forces in Venezuela on the Rise?

El Salvador's Police Director Mauricio Ramirez Landaverde
In a stark statement illustrating the gravity of the current situation in El Salvador, the director... ReadLeer
/ Barrio 18

El Salvador Police Chief Targets Rising Gang Violence

A government worker talks to a resident of São Paulo's Crackland
Authorities say crack use has dropped 80 percent since the implementation of a state-run drug... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Is São Paulo’s Drug Treatment Program Working?

Journalists protest the murder of one of their own in Antioquia
Wherever Daniel Mejia Lozano goes, he wears a bullet-proof vest and has a government-financed... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Journalists Increasingly Under Fire in Colombia

Paraguay officials say police based along the Brazilian border stole a shipment of seized cocaine,... ReadLeer
/ Cocaine

‘Police Stole Cocaine Shipment in Paraguay’

Guerrero police were involved in 100 disappearances over the last two years
Authorities have reported at least 100 disappearances involving police in the southwest state of... ReadLeer
/ Human Rights

‘Police Behind 100 Disappearances in Guerrero, Mexico’

Alejandro Gracia Alvarez, alias "Gato Seco"
Authorities in Colombia have captured a man they said was the main Argentina-based connection for... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

Colombia Nabs Argentina-Based Money Launderer