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A homicide victim in Venezuela
Venezuela ranked the lowest in the world for perceptions of security in a recent Gallup poll, while... ReadLeer
/ Ecuador

Venezuela Perceived As Most Dangerous Country In the World

Jimmy Cournoyer
Canada drug trafficker Jimmy Cournoyer has been sentenced to 27 years in prison, marking the end of... ReadLeer
/ Canada

Canada’s ‘King of Pot’ Sentenced to 27 Years in Prison

Valles leader Miguel Arnulfo Valle Valle
The US Treasury has added the Valles crime clan to its "Kingpin List," the latest move in an... ReadLeer
/ Extradition

US Treasury Latest to Set Sights on Honduras’ Valles Drug Clan

Rio de Janeiro's mayor has announced new funding and a new name for a program meant to complement... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Making Rio’s Pacification Work: The Limits of ‘UPP Social’

A homicide scene in Juarez
Mexico's National Citizen Observatory has identified major discrepancies in crime figures reported... ReadLeer
/ Homicides

Conflicting Crime Stats Call Mexico Security Narrative into Question

Migrants protest kidnappings in Tamaulipas
Mexico's Tamaulipas state was the site of nearly 60 percent of the country's kidnappings in July... ReadLeer
/ Gulf Cartel

Rise in Tamaulipas Kidnappings Points to Lack of Mexico Govt Control

A pipeline attacked by the FARC
Colombia's oil industry has lost more than $500 million in profits this year from attacks... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Losses of $500 Mn Show Guerrilla Impact on Colombia Oil Industry

Peru's national electoral authority
Authorities in Peru have announced the removal of over 300 political candidates with criminal... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

Peru Excludes 345 Candidates from Elections for Criminal Convictions

Central American presidents meet with Obama
Presidents in Central America have blamed US drug policy for fueling the ongoing child migrant... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

Guatemala, Honduras Presidents Blame US, Ignore Own Problems

Drug use is increasing in much of Latin America
A consensus has been building in Latin America that drug use should be treated as a health and not... ReadLeer
/ Drug Policy

Latin America Stumbles On Road To Health-Based Drug Policies

Venezuelan authorities stand by a dismembered body
Fourteen dismembered corpses have been found so far this year in Caracas, suggesting that the... ReadLeer
/ Criminal Migration

Mutilated Corpses in Venezuela Point to Migrating Criminal Tactics

Vigilante groups in Michoacan
Homicide and extortion levels have risen significantly this year in Michoacan, southwest Mexico,... ReadLeer
/ Knights Templar

Amid Vigilante Surge, Homicides Up 45% in Michoacan, Mexico