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Human trafficking victims
Authorities in Ecuador estimate 3,000 people are victims of human trafficking in the country every... ReadLeer
/ Ecuador

Migration-Friendly Ecuador Sees 3,000 Annual Human Trafficking Victims

Kidnapping suspects arrested in Venezuela in 2011
Venezuela reportedly saw 110 kidnappings in the first six months of 2014, indicating a downward... ReadLeer
/ Kidnapping

Venezuela Kidnapping Figures Mask True Scale of Problem

Cyber crime affects an estimated 6 million Colombians
Cyber crime costs Colombia's economy hundreds of millions of dollars and affects up to six million... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Cyber Crime in Colombia: An Underestimated Threat?

Mexican cartels are designing their own drones
Mexico's drug cartels are reportedly commissioning custom-made drones to transport narcotics across... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Mexico’s Cartels Building Custom-Made Narco Drones: DEA

Paraguay's EPP guerrilla group
A series of high-profile attacks by Paraguay's EPP guerrilla group has raised concerns that the... ReadLeer

Attacks Sign of Growing EPP Strength in Paraguay Despite Security Crackdown

Military police in Sao Paulo are accused of 10,000 killings
A study found that military police in Brazil's São Paulo state have killed more than 10,000... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Sao Paulo Military Police Killed 10,000 in 20 Years: Study

Chepe Luna is welcomed by family in 2012
Drug trafficker-turned-transport tycoon "Chepe Luna," shot dead in Honduras last month, will be... ReadLeer
/ Chepe Luna

The Corrupt Legacy of El Salvador Trafficker ‘Chepe Luna’

Colombian criminal groups near the Panama border
Panama's border control agency has warned that Colombian criminal groups descended from the... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Panama Warns of Incursion of Colombian BACRIM: Report

Drug packages seized during the operation
Authorities in Chile have seized 3 tons of marijuana and cocaine trafficked from Bolivia in what... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

Chile Makes Historic Drug Seizure as Domestic Market Grows

An M-60 similar to those stolen
Authorities in El Salvador have announced the theft of four high-powered weapons from military... ReadLeer
/ Arms Trafficking

El Salvador Arms Theft Highlights Military Weapons Trafficking

Mayor Edelmiro Cantu Leal was murdered in 2010
Sixteen Mexican mayors have been murdered since the start of 2013, as Mexico's criminal groups... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Killing of Mexico Mayors Shows Political Aims of Organized Crime

The plane and two detainees
Honduras authorities detained two Mexican pilots as they attempted to take off from a commercial... ReadLeer
/ Honduras

Honduras Arrests Point to Drug Traffickers’ Use of Commercial Airports