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Santa Cruz Governor Ruben Costas
Recent targeted assassinations coupled with the capture of the alleged Colombian leader of a drug... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

Bolivia Assassinations Underscore Role of Santa Cruz in Drug Trade

Mexican police examine a murder scene
Mexico's Interior Ministry has identified the neighborhoods where most of the country's criminals... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Mexico Prisoner Origins Insufficient Basis for Anti-Violence Program Placement

Uruguay marijuana legalization supporters
Over 60 percent of people in Uruguay believe the country's marijuana law should be repealed,... ReadLeer
/ Drug Policy

Continued Opposition to Uruguay Marijuana Law a Challenge for Govt

Animal products confiscated at MIA
US officials working in Miami's airport reportedly inspect just a fraction of the animal cargo... ReadLeer
/ Eco-Trafficking

Lack of Miami Airport Controls Facilitates Animal Trafficking: US Officials

One of the signs hung to deter extortionists
Authorities in Guatemala have highlighted the range of tactics used by criminals to extort money... ReadLeer
/ Extortion

Guatemala Citizens Fight Back Against Expanding Extortion Tactics

An image taken from Arechiga's Instagram account
The upcoming trial in California of a high-ranking operative from Mexico's Sinaloa Cartel raises... ReadLeer
/ El Mayo

‘El Mayo’ Rises to Lead a Sinaloa Cartel whose Future Is Uncertain

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson
A US operation targeting human smugglers does not address the underlying factors driving a wave of... ReadLeer
/ Human Smuggling

US ‘Operation Coyote’ Fails to Address Child Migrant Crisis

A police diagram of the group's submarine plans
An operation to catch the leader of a Brazilian network that smuggled cocaine into more than 30... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Brazil Op Illustrates Scope of Independent Cocaine Networks

Pedro Janer with a chart of the organization
US authorities have arrested 10 alleged members of a cocaine trafficking network that moved... ReadLeer
/ Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Drug Arrests Highlight Island as Stepping-Stone to US

Alias "Raul" with security team. Source: Caretas
A US indictment against commanders of Peru's Shining Path guerrilla group is a boost to the... ReadLeer
/ Peru

US Indicts Shining Path Rebels as Drug War Focus Shifts to Peru

The bus attacked by gunmen
A group calling itself the "Armed Forces for National Salvation" has claimed responsibility... ReadLeer
/ Nicaragua

Deadly Attacks in Nicaragua Fuel Fears of ‘Contras’ Revival

Alias "Richard" after his capture
Authorities in Colombia have captured the commander of the FARC's 30th Front and alleged head of... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Arrest of FARC’s Pacific Narco Boss Shines Light on Rebel Drug Ops