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Munguia Payes (left) with Martinez (right)
An apparent attempt to hinder an investigation into arms trafficking in El Salvador's army has... ReadLeer
/ Arms Trafficking

Why Did El Salvador Army Block Arms Trafficking Probe?

The head of Colombia's FARC guerrillas has admitted the rebels have lost leaders and fighters to... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

FARC Leader Admits Guerrillas Have Been Corrupted by Colombia Drug Trade

Honduras' anti-extortion unit in action
Police in Honduras say moves to block cell phone signals in prisons have weakened the control of... ReadLeer
/ Extortion

Honduras Extortion Gangs Undergoing Violent Leadership Crisis

Jose Adan Salazar (right) with his lawyer
The US has added prominent El Salvador businessman and Texis Cartel founder "Chepe Diablo" to its... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

US Turns Sights on Evasive El Salvador Cartel Leader

Argentine soccer star Lionel Messi
Come the start of the World Cup in June, soccer fans in Argentina will be investing their hopes and... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

The Messi Scandal: From Charity Soccer to Money Laundering Accusations

A casino in Monterrey burns for failure to pay extortion
The head of Mexico's employers' association reported that crime and insecurity cost the country's... ReadLeer
/ Extortion

Crime Costing Mexico Companies $5.8 Bn a Year

Members of the Rastrojos captured in northern Colombia
Authorities in Colombia have captured 46 members of a Rastrojos cell and a top leader, indicating... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Rastrojos Arrests in Colombia Show Group Still Active

Pele (left) with his son Edinho (right)
The son of retired Brazilian soccer star Pele has been sentenced to 33 years in prison for the... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Son of Brazil Soccer Legend Pele Laundered Drug Money

Migrants on "The Beast" in Mexico
In the aftermath of the collapse of El Salvador's gang truce, authorities have said the MS13 gang... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador gang truce

MS13 Expanding After Truce Collapse in El Salvador?

Miguel Angel Mejia Munera was captured in 2008
Colombia's High Court ordered the exclusion of Miguel Angel Mejia Munera, alias "El Mellizo," who... ReadLeer

Colombia Court Purges “Pure Drug Traffickers” from Paramilitaries

Mexican cartels launder billions in drug money every year
Authorities in the United States have alerted banks to the use of "funnel accounts" in trade-based... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

‘Funnel Accounts’ Newest Money Laundering Trend for Mexico’s Cartels