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Latin America and the Caribbean is world's most violent region
Why is Latin America and the Caribbean so violent? InSight Crime Co-director Steven Dudley gave... ReadLeer
/ Criminal Migration

Criminal Evolution and Violence in Latin America and the Caribbean

Law enforcement officials near the US-Mexico border
More than 2,000 US officials have been investigated this year for ties to organized crime,... ReadLeer
/ US/Mexico Border

US Investigating 2,000 Officials for Possible Drug Cartel Ties: Report

Salvadoran Security Minister Benito Lara
El Salvador's Security Minister does not see a problem with gang leaders meeting in penitentiaries.... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

Security Minister: El Salvador Govt to End ‘Truce,’ But Allow Gang Negotiations

Tribal land in Honduras
Recent reports have identified indigenous groups in Honduras as some of the most affected by the... ReadLeer
/ Criminal Migration

Honduras Indigenous, Tribal Lands Hard-Hit by Drug Trade

Ramon Isaza handing in his weapons in 2006
As Colombia prepares to release 160 paramilitaries that have served just eight-year sentences under... ReadLeer

Colombia, US Accused of Impunity Over Early Narco, AUC Releases

Coca production in Bolivia is down 9%
Coca production in Bolivia dropped nine percent in 2013, according to the latest United Nations... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

Bolivia Coca Cultivation Hits 12-Year Low

Sex trafficking victims in Chile
The US State Department has lauded efforts to combat human trafficking in Chile and Honduras... ReadLeer
/ Chile

US Lauds Chile, Honduras for Fighting Against Human Trafficking

Fernando Sanchez Arellano, alias 'El Ingeniero'
Authorities in Mexico have captured the leader of the debilitated Tijuana Cartel, removing what... ReadLeer
/ El Ingeniero (Tijuana)

Tijuana Cartel Leader Arrest Could Mean End of Drug Empire

Child migrants are heading north to the US
Rival politicians, and some press accounts, blame what they call the Obama administration’s... ReadLeer
/ Barrio 18

‘No place for children’: Central America’s Youth Exodus

Victims of human trafficking in Colombia
Both Colombia and Venezuela have dropped down a category in the US State Department's most recent... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

US Chastises Colombia, Venezuela for Response to Human Trafficking

John Hernandez, the owner of Goldex
One of Colombia's largest gold export companies is under investigation for money laundering and... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Case Shows Role of Legal Exporters in Colombia’s Illegal Gold Trade

Brazilian workers employed by Odebrecht in Angola
One of Brazil's largest construction companies has been accused of human trafficking and keeping... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Brazil World Cup Stadium Builders Accused of Human Trafficking