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An overcrowded prison in Bogota
Colombia has released close to 11,000 prisoners over the last four months, a measure aimed at... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Colombia Frees 11,000 Prisoners in Stopgap Overcrowding Effort

Javier Rodriguez Fuentes, alias "El Javi"
Police have arrested the alleged mastermind of the kidnapping and murder of 13 youths in Mexico... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Micro-trafficking Capo Arrested Over Mexico City ‘Heaven’ Murders

"Death to Gangsters" - Sombra Negra graffiti
Authorities in El Salvador suspect that death squads with possible connections to the police are... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

Has Gang Violence in El Salvador Sparked a Death Squad Revival?

Fake medicines are a major concern in Colombia
Authorities in Colombia and Venezuela have dismantled a group dedicated to the production and... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Fake Medicine Bust Exposes Lucrative Venezuela-Colombia Trade

Ecstasy is increasingly popular in some LatAm countries
The first comprehensive United Nations report on synthetic drugs discusses a growing number of... ReadLeer
/ Criminal Migration

Synthetic Drug Report Suggests LatAm Criminal Migration, Growing Local Market

Former Petrobras Director Paulo Roberto Costa
Authorities in Brazil are investigating the possible existence of a criminal group inside... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Brazil Oil Giant Petrobras Implicated in Money Laundering Scheme

Which I-phone is real?
Paraguay has seized over 10,000 apparently fake cell phones in Ciudad del Este, suggesting Asian... ReadLeer
/ Contraband

Are Asian Phone Pirates Looking to Access LatAm Through Paraguay?

Familia leader  Jose de Jesus Mendez, alias "El Chango"
Recent arrests of alleged kidnappers in Guerrero and arms traffickers in the State of Mexico both... ReadLeer
/ La Familia Michoacana

Arrests Show Familia Michoacana Still Active in Southwest Mexico

The number of Brazilians imprisoned abroad is on the rise.
The number of Brazilians imprisoned abroad has increased by nearly a third since 2011, with drug... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Growth in Brazil Citizens Detained Abroad Coincides with Criminal Migration

A surge in unaccompanied child migrants is predicted in 2014
The United States is seeing a flood of migrants -- many of them unaccompanied children -- from... ReadLeer
/ Displacement

Unaccompanied Child Migrants and the Central America Exodus

Liquid cocaine recovered in Progreso
Authorities in Mexico have confirmed the Sinaloa Cartel orchestrated a recently busted operation... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

Sinaloa Cartel Exporting Expertise, Importing Cocaine from Argentina

Pemex engineers repair an oil pipline
Fuel theft along Mexico state oil firm Pemex's oil and gas pipelines is increasing rapidly, raising... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Rising Oil Theft in Mexico Points to Collusion with Foreign Businesses