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The bus on which 6 people were killed May 23 -
Members of the government and mediators of El Salvador's gang truce attribute the recent increase... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

How El Salvador’s Security Ministry Dismantled Truce, Unleashed Mayhem

Police display guns, drugs and money seized
Three Argentina police officers arrested for their part in a cocaine trafficking ring linked to the... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

Sinaloa Cartel’s Argentina Operation and the Police

Haiti migrants with coyotes in Puerto Maldonado
A newspaper investigation has shed light on the role "coyotes" and corrupt Peruvian police play in... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Report Details Peru’s Role in Haiti-Brazil Human Smuggling

Leaders of the FARC negotiating team headed by "Ivan Marquez" (podium)
If we are to believe the Colombian government, the question is not if, but rather when, an end to... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

The Reality of the FARC Peace Talks in Havana

Colombian anti-narcotics police burn drug lab
The FARC have always had a love-hate relationship with drugs. They love the money it brings, funds... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

The FARC and the Drug Trade: Siamese Twins?

Manuel Marulanda and Jacobo Arenas at Marquetalia
On May 27, 1964 up to one thousand Colombian soldiers, backed by fighter planes and helicopters,... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

The FARC 1964-2002: From Ragged Rebellion to Military Machine

Alfonso Cano
In August 2002, the guerrillas of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) greeted... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

The FARC 2002-Present: Decapitation and Rebirth

A cocaine lab discovered in Ecuador in 2010
Authorities in Ecuador discovered five drug processing laboratories during the first four months of... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Ecuador Drug Lab Discoveries Contradict Official Rhetoric

The possibility of ending nearly 50 years of civil conflict is in sight. While the vast majority of... ReadLeer

50 years of the FARC: War, Drugs and Revolution

Ortiz being escorted by DEA agents
Guatemala has extradited a man once one of the country's leading drug traffickers and principal... ReadLeer
/ Guatemala

Guatemala Extradites Top Sinaloa Cartel Connection ‘Juan Chamale’

Oscar Zuluaga won the first round election
Colombia's new president will be elected in a second round run-off that is shaping up to be a war... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Zuluaga Election Victory Sets Up Colombia ‘War vs Peace’ Run-Off

Inauguration of the PMOP in October 2013
Four months after being sworn in as president of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernandez has carried out... ReadLeer
/ Honduras

‘Mano Dura’ in Honduras: An Enduring Barrier to Reform