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Only 15 percent of arrests in Colombia result in imprisonment
A news investigation in Colombia has revealed that less than one in six people arrested in the... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Colombia’s Ineffective Justice Underscored by 15% Incarceration Rate

Ecstasy lab in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay
Authorities in Paraguay have discovered the country's first reported ecstacy laboratory, in a case... ReadLeer
/ Criminal Migration

Paraguay’s First Ecstasy Lab Shows Brazil Criminal Migration

Lima's Jorge Chavez International Airport
Authorities in Peru have sacked an entire customs police team at Lima airport for moving drugs for... ReadLeer
/ Peru

Peru Sacks Airport Customs Team As Mexico Drug Links Continue

Jose Adan Salazar, alias "Chepe Diablo"
El Salvador's attorney general is taking the Al Capone route to nailing the Texis Cartel by... ReadLeer
/ Chepe Diablo

El Salvador Moves Against Texis Cartel’s Once Untouchable Leaders

Estanislao "Papa Smurf" Beltran speaking in Arteaga
Vigilantes in Mexico have entered a cave complex with guns blazing as they hunt down the Knights... ReadLeer
/ Knights Templar

Mexico Vigilantes Hunt Knights Templar Boss in his ‘Final Stronghold’

The mandolin where cocaine was hidden
Bolivia police have discovered cocaine chemically modified to be odorless and pliable in a shipment... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

Odorless, Elastic Cocaine Latest Innovation in LatAm Drug Trafficking

An opium poppy field in Mexico
Heroin consumption has risen dramatically in Mexico, mirroring trends in US demand for a drug that... ReadLeer
/ Heroin

Explosion of Domestic Heroin Use Sign of Mexico’s Role in Trade

Anti-human trafficking protest in La Paz, Bolivia
Police in Bolivia have broken up 10 family-based "clans" in recent years that were dedicated to... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

Disbanded Human Trafficking Clans Show Bolivia’s Forced Labor Role

A man smokes marijuana outside Uruguay's congress
Only citizens and residents of Uruguay will be able to buy legal marijuana, a move likely aimed at... ReadLeer
/ Drug Policy

Uruguay Marijuana Law Aims to Prevent Drug Tourism

Arrested leader of Los Rojos Antonio Reina Castillo
The arrest of the top two members of an upstart Mexican gang in the embattled state of Guerrero has... ReadLeer
/ Beltran Leyva Org

The Guerrero Vacuum: Gang Decapitation In A Mexico Violence Hub

Cocaine removed from the stomach of a drug 'mule'
Recent reforms to Ecuador's Criminal Code could allow for arrested drug "mules" to be considered... ReadLeer
/ Ecuador

Drug Mules Could Be ‘Victims’ Under New Ecuador Criminal Code

Evo Morales signing the law
Bolivia has become the latest Latin American country to approve a law allowing planes suspected of... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

Bolivia LatAm’s Latest to Pass Narco-Plane Shoot Down Law