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Meth seized in Philippines in raid linked to Sinaloa Cartel
Security forces in the Philippines say the Sinaloa Cartel has dispatched a hit squad to silence... ReadLeer
/ Criminal Migration

Is Sinaloa Cartel Making a Play for Asia’s Lucrative Drug Market?

Ex Peru President Alan Garcia
The final report of Peru's corruption "mega-commission" has called for ex-president Alan Garcia to... ReadLeer
/ Peru

‘Narco-Pardons’ Report Calls for Indictment of Ex-Peru President

Members of Los Zetas on trial in Guatemala
A key witness in the trial for a Zetas massacre in Guatemala has revealed how the Mexican cartel's... ReadLeer
/ Criminal Migration

Witness Reveals Zetas Recruitment, Structures in Guatemala

Members of the ERPAC demobilize in 2012
The overall number of members of Colombia's narco-paramilitary groups known as the BACRIM has... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Colombia’s BACRIM Weakened but Urabeños Continue to Grow

The FARC delegation in Havana
Criminal agendas could represent a critical "blind spot" in attempts to resolve armed conflicts in... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

How Criminal Agendas Took Center Stage in LatAm Peace Deals

Venezuelan Oil Minister Rafael Ramirez
Venezuela's government is planning to nearly double the fixed official exchange rate for the... ReadLeer
/ Contraband

Can Venezuela Currency Devaluation End Black Market Trade?

The International Criminal Court has called the Urabeños Colombia's most dangerous and... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Urabeños Potential Actor in Colombia Armed Conflict: ICC

Enrique Plancarte's children
The children of a drug cartel leader in Mexico have reportedly become pop singers, and are openly... ReadLeer
/ Knights Templar

Popstar Children of Knights Templar Leader Glamorize Narco-Culture

D'Aubuisson (right) speaks about recordings
The release of recordings and documents purporting to show how the El Salvador government paid off... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

Recordings Spark Gang Truce Controversy in El Salvador

AUC paramilitaries
Although the desire to recover control of regions dominated by Mexico?s Knights Templar is shared... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Lessons for Mexico from Colombia: Vigilantes, Paramilitaries and Proxies

Jesus Sanabria Zamora was sentenced to 14 years
Eight drug traffickers with links to the Texis Cartel have been convicted after months of their... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

Texis Cartel Conviction Strikes Blow Against Impunity in El Salvador

Anti-impunity campaigners in Mexico
Human Rights Watch's annual global report underscores how impunity for both criminal groups and... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Impunity Reigns in Latin America’s Org Crime Hotspots: HRW