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Family members hold images of Heaven victim
Federal authorities in Mexico said the case of 12 youths snatched from a bar in the capital and... ReadLeer
/ Beltran Leyva Org

Latest ‘Heaven’ Revelations in Mexico Show Underworld Complexity

A murder scene in Mexico
Mexico's national government claims homicides have dropped significantly during President Enrique... ReadLeer
/ Homicides

Is Mexico Seeing Fewer Homicides Under Peña Nieto?

The FARC has regrouped and switched tactics
A new report into how Colombia's conflict has developed as the FARC guerrillas negotiate with the... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Report Traces How FARC Wages War While it Talks Peace

A raid carried out during the PCD operation
Authorities in Costa Rica have dismantled a Colombia to Belgium cocaine trafficking network... ReadLeer
/ Costa Rica

Arrests Show Rise of Homegrown Costa Rica Drug Traffickers

A criminal pact could soon see violence drop in Cali
Former sworn enemies from criminal clans based in Colombia's violence capital, Cali, have brokered... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Cali Criminal Pact Could Spark New Era for Crime in Colombia

Members of the MS13
Police in El Salvador say the country's gangs are "mutating" and becoming more deeply involved in... ReadLeer
/ Barrio 18

El Salvador Gangs Getting Deeper into Drug Trafficking: Police

Police in Honduras are notoriously corrupt
For many citizens, corruption is associated with state institutions and, above all, with the... ReadLeer
/ Police Reform

What To Do About Police Corruption in Latin America

Bolivian forces eradicate coca
Bolivia has destroyed 11,407 hectares of coca in 2013, surpassing its previous record by over 300... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

Bolivia Hits Record Coca Eradication As Cocaine Seizures Fall

A drug haul recovered in Guayaquil this year
Authorities in Ecuador have declared over 80 percent of cocaine seized in the country this year was... ReadLeer
/ Ecuador

80% of Ecuador Cocaine Hauls Destined for Europe: Anti-Drug Chief

The site of a previous attack in Anori by the 36th Front
A ceasefire declared by Colombia's FARC guerrillas has been broken after one day, illustrating the... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Is Ceasefire Breaking Bombing a Message to FARC Leadership?

The drug plane caught in Limon, Costa Rica
A plane has been captured in Costa Rica with over one ton of cocaine originating in Colombia,... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Costa Rica Drug Seizure Shows Colombia Air Bridge Still Alive

Lionel Messi and his father Jorge
The father of Argentina and Barcelona soccer star Lionel Messi is under investigation for... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Messi Latest Soccer Star Embroiled in Drug Trafficking Scandal