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Congressman Wilver Alexander Rivera Monge (left)
The main witness in the case against a major drug trafficker and his network in El Salvador has... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

Key Witness in El Salvador ‘Repollo’ Case Identifies Congressman

El Salvador goalkeeper Miguel Montes
In August this year, the sports magazine El Grafico published a story that shook the country: a... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

El Salvador Soccer Scandal is a ‘Metaphor for the Country’

FARC guerrillas in Puerto Guzman
A FARC document obtained by the media lays out the rules governing life in guerrilla-controlled... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

FARC Rule Book Shows Rebels’ Iron Grip on Life in South Colombia

Interpol's Aline Plancon addresses journalists
World police agency Interpol says more than one million people die each year from counterfeit... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Counterfeit Drugs Kill 1 Mn People Annually: Interpol

ARENA presidential candidate Norman Quijano
Representatives of at least two of El Salvador's top political parties, including the opposition... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

El Salvador Meetings Raise Question about Gangs’ Political Might

Marijuana confiscated in Paraguay
A map showing world marijuana use and prices indicates that, in Latin America at least, both of... ReadLeer
/ Drug Policy

Global Marijuana Map Shows Trends in LatAm Trade

Costa Rica's police guard a drug seizure
Four out of five people detained by Costa Rica's special police task force during the first nine... ReadLeer
/ Costa Rica

Costa Rica Arrests Illustrate Rise in Trafficking, Consumption

Rio's Public Safety Secretary Jose Mariano Beltrame
Rio de Janeiro State's Public Safety Secretary Jose Mariano Beltrame -- who has led Rio's efforts... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Beltrame’s Last Lap: An Audience With Rio’s Top Cop

Venezuelan authorities with cocaine seized in Zulia this year
Authorities in Venezuela have destroyed 17 cocaine labs near the border with Colombia, highlighting... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Venezuela Destroys 17 Cocaine Labs Near Colombia Border

Guns decommissioned by police in Guatemala
A new study has found Guatemala's firearm homicide rate is almost twice the global average, with... ReadLeer
/ Guatemala

Guatemala Gun Homicide Rate Double World Average: Report

Ecuadorean police raid Los Choneros
Authorities in Ecuador have arrested 50 members of a gang dedicated to assassination and drug... ReadLeer
/ Ecuador

Arrests ‘Biggest Blow to Ecuador Organized Crime in 15 Years’

Mexico's EPR guerrillas are changing tactics
Government sources have linked one of Mexico's most prominent guerrilla organizations to a series... ReadLeer

How Mexico’s EPR Insurgents Have Changed Course