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Report says drugs have got cheaper and more potent
The purity of illegal drugs has increased and their price decreased over the last 20 years,... ReadLeer
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Drug Purity Has Risen, Prices Fallen Over 20 Years: Report

Drug traffickers in custody of Peruvian military
Drug traffickers arrested in Peru have cast light on how the Shining Path profits from the drug... ReadLeer
/ Peru

Peru Arrests Reveal Shining Path’s Links to the Drug Trade

Puerto Rican drug trafficker Jose Figueroa Agosto
The FBI has dismantled a major drug trafficking group in Puerto Rico that allegedly moved at least... ReadLeer
/ Caribbean

FBI Busts Caribbean’s ‘Most Powerful’ Drug Trafficking Group

Ameripol representatives from across the region
A new study from the EU and Ameripol has highlighted evolutions in the global drug trade sparked by... ReadLeer
/ Drug Policy

Report Shows Growing Importance of European Cocaine Market

Alias "El Pana," a commander in the FARC's 57th Front
A former Panama policeman has become a commander in the FARC's 57th Front, demonstrating the... ReadLeer
/ Criminal Migration

Former Panama Policeman Is a FARC Leader: Officials

Laguna de Tamiahua, in Veracruz
In Mexico, the coasts and islands are left unprotected by the authorities, opening them up to drug... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Narco-Islands: Mexico Ends One Journey, Starts Another

Migrants discovered in Tamaulipas
Mexican authorities have rescued 73 people from a house in the north of the country, further... ReadLeer
/ Human Trafficking

Mexico Rescues 73 Kidnapped Migrants

Bolivian anti-narcotics policeman with seized cocaine
Security forces in Bolivia have uncovered and destroyed a "narco-village" dedicated to producing... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

Bolivia Destroys ‘Narco-village’ On Chile Border

The Honduras island of Roatan
Islands off the coasts of Honduras and Belize, two of the poorest Central American nations, offer... ReadLeer
/ Belize

Narco-Islands: The Honduras-Belize Tourist Bridge