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Jose Misael Cisneros, alias “Medio Millon”
The leader of El Salvador's Texis Cartel, Jose Misael Cisneros Rodriguez, alias "Medio Millon"... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

‘Medio Millon,’ El Salvador Mobster, Lived in Boston Until 2009

Oaxaca candidate Rosalia Palma's husband and aide were killed.
A wave of violence against candidates has sparked fears of political interference and pressure by... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Run-Up to Mexico’s Local Elections Marred by Violence

Colombians arrested in Huancayo
Peruvian authorities have dismantled a Colombian money laundering network that allegedly moved $10... ReadLeer
/ Money Laundering

Peru Breaks Up Colombia Money Laundering Ring

Drugs seized in Santa Cruz
The Bolivian government has admitted violent crime is rising and that the security forces are... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

Violent Crime Rising In Bolivia: Government