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Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff
Brazil has dismantled 65 criminal organizations operating on its borders since the start of a major... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Brazil Broke Up 65 Criminal Gangs in Border Surge: President

Microtrafficking is booming in Quito
Drug dealing is presenting a growing threat to citizen security in Ecuador, according to reports,... ReadLeer
/ Ecuador

Violent Crime in Quito Blamed on Drug Dealing Boom

Mexican Interior Minister Miguel Angel Osorio Chong
Murders "unrelated" to drug trafficking went up in the first four months of the current... ReadLeer
/ Homicides

Mexico’s Violent Crime Numbers Don’t Add Up

Rigoberto Arias Castrillon, alias "Rigo"
Venezuelan authorities have arrested the head of a powerful Bogota microtrafficking gang with... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Arrested Bogota Microtrafficking Leader Linked to BACRIM

Seized property beloning to drug trafficker Mario Ponce Rodriguez
Guatemalan authorities have seized a series of lavish mansions belonging to a captured drug lord,... ReadLeer
/ Guatemala

Guatemalan Authorities Seize Luxury Narco-Mansions

Thousands of Haitians are seeking a new life in Brazil
Brazilian authorities have raised the alarm about human smugglers taking advantage of the mass... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

‘Coyotes’ Smuggling Haitians into Brazil

FARC deserters may be working in Bolivia
Deserters from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia and regional drug cartels are working as... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

‘FARC Deserters Working As Assassins In Bolivia’

Alleged Red Command leader in Paraguay
Brazilian drug gang the Red Command sends a ton of Colombian cocaine each month into Brazil from... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Red Command Ships 1 Ton of Cocaine Monthly from Paraguay

Thousands of baby caimans were intercepted
Bolivian police have seized 5,000 baby caimans and 500 skins ready to be smuggled to Brazil,... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

Bolivia Seizes Thousands Of Contraband Caimans

Horacio Cartes wins the Paraguayan presidency
Paraguay's presidential elections saw a comfortable win for Horacio Cartes, a business magnate... ReadLeer
/ Paraguay

Cartes Wins Paraguay’s Presidency, Despite Alleged Criminal Links

The Zetas have perfected the use of extreme violence
The Zetas are not the only extremely violent, military-style criminal organization from Mexico.... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Why Mexico’s Zetas Expanded Faster than their Rivals

Security force seeking to boost presence at affected schools
Colombian street gangs have taken to extorting school children for the right to attend school,... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Colombian Gangs Force Children to Pay to Attend School