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Private security in Central America
Criminal groups in Honduras are allegedly taking advantage of the proliferation of private security... ReadLeer
/ Honduras

‘Private Security Companies a Cover for Criminals in Honduras’

A scene from Colombia's stock exchange
Colombian brokerage firms may have laundered up to $4 million worth of profits from drug... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

‘Colombian Brokers Laundered Millions in Drug Cash’

Captured members of Colombian neo-paramilitary groups
Police say two neo-paramilitary organizations have apparently merged forces along Colombia's... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Urabeños Absorb Local Crime Group in Colombia’s Pacific

Salvadoran drug trafficker alias "Repollo," center
El Salvador’s Attorney General’s Office has accused 20 people of links to recently arrested drug... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

Salvadoran Drug Trafficker’s Criminal Network Spanned CentAm

Vigilante groups are becoming increasingly common
In the state of Michoacan, one of Mexico's rapidly proliferating vigilante self-defense groups has... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Vigilante Standoff Highlights Mexico Security Dilemma

The true scale of the problem is hard to measure
Approximately two million children and adolescents are currently sexually exploited in Latin... ReadLeer
/ Gender and Organized Crime

2 Million Children Sexually Exploited in LatAm: Women’s Coalition

The million-dollar contraband haul
Colombian police have seized over $1 million worth of contraband cigarettes and alcohol, breaking... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

$1 Million Contraband Haul; Money Laundering in Colombia?

The 'Single Command' strategy
One of the main pillars of President Enrique Peña Nieto's new Mexico security policy -- the... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

‘Single Command’ Plans in Mexico Hampered by Political Divisions

Target zones have been identified in 19 states
Mexico’s government has listed 250 highly violent zones to be targeted under a new crime... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Mexico Identifies Violent Zones for New Crime Prevention Strategy

Murder scene of lawyer Marlon Saul Cerrato Gomez
More than 50 lawyers were murdered in Honduras between 2010 and 2012, according to a government... ReadLeer
/ Honduras

Report Highlights Targeting of Lawyers in Honduras

Extortion notebook found in a Colombian prison
Reports of extortion in Colombia have increased 229 percent in the last four years, as guerrillas,... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Colombia Extortion Market Worth $1Bn a Year: Report

Dominican anti-drug head Rolando Rosado Mateo
The Dominican Republic has arrested 35 security officials in connection with a drug shipment,... ReadLeer
/ Caribbean

Dominican Republic Drug Bust Shows Air Trafficking Routes Still Active