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More US citizens are captured in Mexico border drug busts
A growing number of US citizens are being arrested for trafficking drugs over the US-Mexico border,... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

US Suspects Detained in Most Mexico Border Drug Busts

Captured Rastrojos leader "Alex Caballo"
Authorities captured an alleged link between Colombia trafficking organization the Rastrojos and... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Police Arrest Link Between Colombia’s Rastrojos, Mexico Cartels

Vigilantes in Guerrero, Mexico
Over a thousand vigilantes in southwest Mexico took control of a town and detained a local police... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Mexican Vigilantes Take Town, Seize Police Chief After Murder

Gang used dogs such as St Bernards as drug mules
Italian police have uncovered a drug trafficking ring in Milan that used dogs as drug "mules," or... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Dogs Used as Drug ‘Mules’ to Traffic Cocaine to Italy

Honduras ex-police chief Ricardo Ramirez del Cid
Former Honduras police chief Ricardo Ramirez del Cid has fled the country due to security concerns... ReadLeer
/ Honduras

Honduras Ex-Police Chief Flees to US

Salvadoran President Mauricio Funes
To facilitate a gang truce, the El Salvador government is violating its own laws. While this may... ReadLeer
/ Barrio 18

Why El Salvador’s Gang Truce Is Illegal, and Why It Matters

Honduras Police Chief Juan Carlos Bonilla, "El Tigre"
Despite conditions that say otherwise, US aid may still be supporting police units supervised by... ReadLeer
/ Honduras

Honduras Police Skirting US Aid Restrictions

Statue of Ecuador's ex-President Eloy Alfaro
Ecuadorean police found traces of cocaine on statues due to be sent to Canada from Ecuador's... ReadLeer
/ Ecuador

Cocaine Found on Statues Shipped by Ecuador Foreign Ministry

Ex-presidential security chief General Flavio Buitrago
A second former security chief of ex-Colombian President Alvaro Uribe is under investigation for... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Former Uribe Security Chief Accused of Narco-Ties

A peace rally in El Paso, TX
Prominent conflict analysis NGO International Crisis Group issued its first report examining... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Declining Violence in Juarez a Major Win for Calderon: Report

Police search a man in El Salvador
Gang members have reportedly cited their participation in El Salvador's gang truce as reason they... ReadLeer
/ Barrio 18

El Salvador Gang Members Use Peace Truce to Avoid Arrest: Police

Peru anti-drug police in the airport
Investigators say a network of corrupt airport police in Peru smuggled cocaine to the Mexico City... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Corrupt Peru Police Linked to Mexico City Airport Shooting