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A prosecutor asks. Grecia responds. "Where did they do it to you?" "On my right calf. They took... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

Men Who Sold Women: Human Trafficking Networks in Central America

The date was January 25, 2009, and Jose Antonio Robledo Fernandez was talking to his girlfriend on... ReadLeer
/ Human Trafficking

How Mexico’s Zetas Enslave Engineers

Organized crime networks dedicated to human trafficking have had a great deal of time to perfect... ReadLeer
/ Guatemala

Of Slaves and Serfs: Guatemala’s ‘Occupied’ Bodies

Young people living on Colombia's Pacific coast, the country's main cocaine-producing region,... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Cannon Fodder: Forced Recruitment in Tumaco

Police at the scene of a murder in Ciudad Juarez
A Southern Pulse report on Ciudad Juarez provides a glimpse at the dominant forces behind organized... ReadLeer
/ Juarez Cartel

Despite Shake Ups to Mexico’s Underworld, Juarez’s Uneasy Peace Will Stand

Peru is to start monitoring transportation of chemicals using satellites
Peru announced that it will begin monitoring chemicals transported overland by satellite to ensure... ReadLeer
/ Peru

Peru to Monitor Cocaine Chemicals using Satellites

Michoacan judge Efrain Cazares Lopez
A judge who freed 12 of the 35 officials arrested during the "Michoacanazo," a 2009 mass arrest of... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Mexico Dismisses Judge who Freed ‘Michoacanazo’ Officials

Mexican soldiers in Reynosa
A former top Mexican military official has cautioned legislators that the armed forces are worn... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

General: Fighting Drug Gangs has Taken Toll on Mexican Army

The growth of organized crime in Mexico and Central America has led to an increase in violence and... ReadLeer

Violence against Migrants

A PCC prison riot in Junqueiropolis, Sao Paulo
Brazilian prison gang the PCC have grown into one of the country's biggest criminal groups and have... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Brazil’s PCC Expanding Influence Throughout the Country

Inmates in one of Bolivia's overcrowded prisons
Bolivian police believe there are at least ten criminal organizations in the country that are run... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

‘At Least 10’ Gangs in Bolivia Are Run From Prison: Police

Honduran police officers
Almost 100 officers are set to be purged from the Honduran police force according to reports,... ReadLeer
/ Honduras

Honduras Set to Purge Police of Nearly 100 Officers