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US authorities arrested over 30 people allegedly belonging to two drug smuggling rings operating... ReadLeer
/ Caribbean

US Busts Puerto Rican Drug Smuggling Ring

Colombian criminal groups are reportedly using unlicensed gold mining in northern Ecuador to... ReadLeer
/ Ecuador

‘Colombian Gangs Use Illegal Gold Mining in Ecuador to Launder Cash’

A Bolivian senator says he is being persecuted for exposing the relationship between some officials... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

Bolivian Senator Claims Persecution for Revealing Govt Drug Ties

A wave of murders sweeping the south Mexican state of Guerrero is a grim reminder of the damage... ReadLeer
/ Beltran Leyva Org

Wave of Killings Hits Acapulco, as Gang War Continues without Winner

While Guatemala is attempting to crack down on the Zetas' growing presence inside the country, the... ReadLeer
/ Guatemala

Despite Efforts, Guatemala Sees Little Progress Against Zetas

Mexico City security officials are reportedly investigating an Internet fraud ring that used fake... ReadLeer
/ Extortion

‘Mexico Internet Scam Extorts Applicants for Fake Jobs’

Colombia's government has confirmed the presence of Colombian drug trafficking organizations in... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

Colombia Admits that its Drug Gangs Are in Bolivia

Seven dismembered bodies were found in the Mexican state of Sinaloa along with a banner condemning... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

7 Dead in Sinaloa Alongside Banner Claiming State Collusion With Chapo Guzman

Mexico is investigating two top judicial officials, who have previously issued favorable rulings... ReadLeer
/ Judicial Reform

Mexico Investigates Two Top Judicial Officials for Crime Ties

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos announced at a meeting of high-ranking Colombian military... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

‘Venezuela, Colombia Security Forces Talk Daily’: Santos

Gunmen opened fire on a newspaper headquarters in northwestern Venezuela, the third attack against... ReadLeer
/ Venezuela

Attack on Venezuela Newspaper Highlights War on Media