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Colombia's justice minister said that Javier Calle Serna, alias "Comba," leader of the Rastrojos... ReadLeer

Colombia Govt Denies Crime Boss Surrendered to US

Banners have appeared in the city of Chihuahua, north Mexico, claiming to name those responsible... ReadLeer
/ Juarez Cartel

Narco-Banners Claim to Name Killers in Chihuahua Massacre

A mayoral candidate from Mexico's ruling PAN party has survived an assassination attempt outside... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Nuevo Leon Mayoral Candidate Survives Assassination Attempt

Honduran government officials claim that criminal groups are behind the latest outbreak of violence... ReadLeer
/ Honduras

Questioning Role of ‘Criminal Groups’ in Honduras Land Conflict

More than a dozen dead bodies and a message posted in Nuevo Laredo last week offer further evidence... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Bodies, Banner Herald Sinaloa Cartel’s Push East

Kidnapping in Guatemala dropped some 42 percent between 2008 and 2011 by the count of one NGO,... ReadLeer
/ Guatemala

Kidnapping Drops 42% in Guatemala in 3 Years: NGO

Retired Mexican General Mario Acosta Chaparro, accused of ties to the Juarez Cartel, was murdered... ReadLeer
/ Juarez Cartel

Mexican General’s Murder Raises New Questions over Narco Ties

A retired army general and a close ally of President Hugo Chavez was shot dead in northeast... ReadLeer
/ Venezuela

Chavez-Allied Ex-General Gunned Down in Venezuela

Colombia's national police chief, General Oscar Naranjo, stated that the biggest challenge facing... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Illegal Mining Colombia’s Biggest Challenge: Police Chief

After a truce between warring gangs cut murders by half in El Salvador last month, the... ReadLeer
/ Barrio 18

Govt Tries to Solidify Gains of El Salvador Gang Truce

Mexico’s Ministry of Finance says organized crime may have laundered up to $10 billion last year,... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

‘Organized Crime Laundered $10 Bn in Mexico in FY2011’

A new report by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees says 160,000 people were internally displaced... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

160,000 Mexicans Displaced in 2011, Most by Drug Violence: UN