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The former head of the Guatemalan national police has been arrested for her alleged involvement in... ReadLeer
/ Guatemala

Ex-Guatemalan Police Chief Accused of Extra-Judicial Killings

More than a year after the military launched a raid to drive drug traffickers out of Complexo do... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

A Year After Historic Military Invasion, Rio Slum Preps for Police Units

Although both governments have downplayed the presence of Colombia rebel groups in Venezuela, a... ReadLeer

FARC, ELN Use Venezuela as Base for Attacks: Report

The Knights Templar drug gang promised to halt violence during the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to... ReadLeer
/ Infographics

Did Knights Templar Keep ‘Truce’ During Pope’s Mexico Visit?

At a meeting of Central American leaders this weekend, Guatemala's President Otto Perez failed to... ReadLeer
/ Drug Policy

Guatemala Drug Reform Summit Falls Flat

A year ago this week, the son of poet Javier Sicilia was murdered by a drug gang in Cuernavaca,... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Sicilia’s Impact on Mexico, One Year On

The arrival of Pope Benedict XVI in Mexico is an opportunity to examine the troubled relationship... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

The Church’s Ambiguous Role in Mexico Drug Violence

Representatives of the rival MS-13 and Barrio-18 gangs in El Salvador have confirmed the existence... ReadLeer
/ Barrio 18

‘El Salvador Gangs Confirm Truce’

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony for a new army garrison in Michoacan, the Mexican president... ReadLeer
/ La Familia Michoacana

Mexico Deploys 8,000 Troops in Michoacan

The three biggest cocaine producers in the world -- Colombia, Peru and Bolivia -- are planning to... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

Colombia, Peru, Bolivia Plan Unified System to Measure Coca Crops

Police in Guatemala have arrested a man attempting to leave the country with nearly $50,000... ReadLeer
/ Guatemala

Guatemalan Money Smuggler Swallows $50,000

The Jalisco Cartel - New Generation has released a video asking the government not to hinder their... ReadLeer
/ Jalisco Cartel

Jalisco Cartel Promises Mexico Govt it will Take Down Rival Gang