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With its new four-year anti-drug strategy, Peru is moving towards a less tolerant position on coca,... ReadLeer
/ Drug Policy

Peru’s New Drug Strategy Takes Hard Line on Coca

The discovery of an American diplomatic vehicle transporting weapons and ammunition in Bolivia has... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

US-Bolivia Gun Spat Points to Drug War Tensions

Colombia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said they were willing to share strategies with Africa for... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Colombia Offers Africa Security Advice

Guatemala prison inmates have been accused of making threatening phone calls to large hotel chains... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

‘Guatemala Inmates Extorted 5 Star Hotels in El Salvador’

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez reacted angrily to a US State Department travel warning pointing... ReadLeer
/ Homicides

Chavez Blasts US Travel Warning, Plays Down Venezuela Violence

Argentine singer Facundo Cabral’s murder in Guatemala last year sparked an investigation which... ReadLeer
/ Comba

‘Colombia Drug Lords Tried to Turn in Sinaloa Cartel Boss Chapo Guzman’

There are already concerns that Honduras' fledgling efforts at police reform are doomed to fail.... ReadLeer
/ Honduras

Desperate Measures? Honduras Considers Blurring Military-Police Role

The Colombian military’s new strategy of targeting leftist guerrillas' most strategic units,... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Is Colombia’s New Military Strategy a Herald of Peace?

The assassination of four land activists in two Brazilian states points to the impunity and... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Murder of Brazil Land Reform Activists Highlights Impunity

A group of 30 gunmen ambushed a Honduran military convoy, wounding five soldiers, in the northern... ReadLeer
/ Honduras

Armed Group Ambushes Honduras Army Convoy

A community leader in the Rio de Janeiro favela of Rocinha was gunned down weeks before he was set... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Rio Community Leader, Set to Testify in ‘Nem’ Case, Murdered

US Assistant Secretary of State William Brownfield has announced a package of programs to combat... ReadLeer

US Sets Out Anti-Crime Aid for Honduras, Following Drug Reform Conference