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Guatemalan authorities are investigating reports that "citizen security committees" have committed... ReadLeer
/ Extortion

Vigilantes Accused of Extortion in Guatemala City Suburb

Peruvian authorities said they recaptured the last two of 17 fugitives who escaped from prison this... ReadLeer
/ Peru

Entire Staff of Peru Prison Removed After Mass Breakout

A woman in El Paso, Texas, has been injured by a stray bullet fired in Mexico during a gunfight... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Juarez Bullet Hits Texas Woman, Fueling Fears of Spillover Violence

Guatemala is pressing on with a campaign to open a serious dialogue over drug legalization in... ReadLeer
/ Drug Policy

Guatemala Pushes Drug Legalization Debate, Amid Cautious Responses from Region

"Waiting for Consolidation" examines the role of the US's military and development aid programs to... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Waiting for Consolidation: Monitoring Colombia’s US-aided Counterinsurgency and Development Program: NGOs

A report by the Inter-American Dialogue casts Latin America in a grim light, suggesting that... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

How Insecurity Taints ‘Latin America’s Decade’

As politicians prep for Honduras’ 2013 general elections, allegations are surfacing that some... ReadLeer
/ Honduras

Dawn of Honduras Election Season Sparks Warnings of Narco-Politics

A top human rights official in Brazil's government said that Congress should push through a bill... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Killing of Brazil Journalists Prompts Talk of Stricter Law on Death Squads

Jamaica's top security official claims that the country’s violence is due to the mounting threat... ReadLeer
/ Caribbean

Jamaica Minister: Street Gangs Primary Cause of Violence

Colombia think tank Indepaz has released its 2011 study on the narco-paramilitary gangs known as... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Study: BACRIMs Continue Steady Expansion Across Colombia

A special US investigative team working with Honduran authorities ruled that a Valentine's Day fire... ReadLeer
/ Honduras

Honduras Prison Fire Ruled Accident as Govt Creates ‘Special Commission’

Recent prison disasters -- a deadly fire in Honduras and a massacre in Mexico -- point to the... ReadLeer
/ Honduras

Pre-Trial Detention Brews Crisis in LatAm Prisons