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A bomb in the Colombian port city of Tumaco left at least seven police and civilians dead, and up... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

FARC Blamed for Bomb in Colombian Drug Trafficking Port

El SalvadorÂ’s government says it is taking a radical stance on crime, using the military to police... ReadLeer
/ Barrio 18

The Iron Fist Returns to El Salvador

A power void has emerged in Colombia's Eastern Plains, where guerrillas and paramilitaries have... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Who Will Fill the Power Void in Colombia’s Eastern Plains?

Fighting drug trafficking is one of the few issues where the US and Cuba actually collaborate,... ReadLeer
/ Caribbean

Drug Fight Builds US-Cuba Bridges

Images of children armed with what look like assault weapons have sparked a heated debate in... ReadLeer
/ Venezuela

Photos of ‘Armed Children’ in Venezuela Spark Controversy

Mexican authorities have charged a general and 29 soliders under his command with murder and a... ReadLeer
/ Juarez Cartel

In Rare Move, Mexico Charges Military General With Human Rights Crimes

Juarez may spend $2 million to house the city's municipal police force in several hotels with... ReadLeer
/ Juarez Cartel

Juarez to House Police in Hotels After Cartel Threats

"Tackling Urban Violence in Latin America: Reversing Exclusion through Smart Policing and Social... ReadLeer

WOLA: Tackling Urban Violence in Latin America

US intelligence chief James Clapper declared before a Senate committee that transnational criminal... ReadLeer
/ Human Trafficking

Transnational Crime ‘Abiding Threat’ to National Security: US Intelligence

A report from Newsweek paints a picture of how Joaquin Guzman, alias 'El Chapo,' used... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

How Chapo Used US Agencies to Fight Rival Cartels