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Guerrillas from the FARC attacked a radar installation in the southwest province of Cauca,... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

FARC Take Out Radar in Biggest Recent Infrastructure Attack

After months of negotiation, Bolivia has agreed to work with Brazil and the US to track coca... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

Bolivia Makes Coca Monitoring Deal With US

Ecuador's President Rafeal Correa announced that 12 South African-built Cheetah fighter-bombers... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Ecuador to Get More Cheetah Planes, in Warning to Colombia

Reports that emissaries of the Zetas tricked 22 Nicaraguan farmers into coming to Mexico to work... ReadLeer
/ Nicaragua

Zetas Recruit Nicaraguan Farmworkers: Reports

A clash between two gangs over illegal gold mining has killed nine in French Guiana, in an example... ReadLeer
/ Illegal Mining

Clash Over Illegal Mining Kills 9 in French Guiana

A massive surge in the number of synthetic drug labs discovered in Mexico indicates a nationwide... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Mexican Drug Gangs Attracted by Lucrative Meth Trade

Brazil, which borders on the world's three biggest cocaine producers, is increasingly moving to... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Brazil Comes to the Fore in Regional Security

Guatemala's central police authority withdrew the police force based in a western border region,... ReadLeer
/ Contraband

Guatemala Police Retreat as Locals Protest Contraband Seizure

The United States Treasury Department has designated a little-known Guatemalan woman as major... ReadLeer
/ Guatemala

US Adds Guatemalan ‘Drug Queen’ to Blacklist

Colombian police have captured Luis Fernando Otalvaro, alias “El Matematico,” believed to be a... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Colombia Arrests Member of ‘Drug Trafficking Directors Board’

Bolivia’s prison system, already running at almost double capacity, saw a 20 percent rise in the... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

Overcrowding Allows Bolivia’s Prison Gangs to Flourish

Colombia police seized over $400,000 worth of contraband liquor smuggled from Venezuela, reportedly... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Just Before Carnival, Colombia Police Seize Contraband Booze