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Amid news of the discovery of dozens of corpses in abandoned cars in Guadalajara and Culiacan, a... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Mexico Loses Faith in Drug War, as Bodies Pile up in Pacific States

A long-running land conflict in southern Mexico is causing new problems, and the situation is made... ReadLeer
/ Eco-Trafficking

Drug Gangs Could Make Old Land Conflict Boil Over in South Mexico

The annual race to chart Mexico’s homicide rates has begun, but an examination of the claim that... ReadLeer
/ Drug Policy

Speculation on Homicide Rate Distracts from Real Issues in Mexico

Mexican officials seized more than $15 million in cash in the border city of Tijuana, which they... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Mexico Seizes $15M Cash from Sinaloa Cartel

By 2040 Mexico can expect to see a decimated drug export industry but a flourishing domestic drug... ReadLeer
/ Extortion

Crime and Punishment in a Future Mexico

Ten "narco-planes" used to smuggle drugs between Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay have been found so... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

UN: Smugglers Favor Bolivia-Paraguay Drug Flight Route

Panama security forces announced the incineration of just under 4 tons of drugs which were... ReadLeer
/ Panama

Panama Burns Massive Drug Shipment

A new, U.S.-funded naval base in the Bay Islands, off Honduras’ northeast coast, is intended to... ReadLeer
/ Honduras

US Establishes Honduras Naval Base to Fight Drug Trafficking

Jose Eberto Lopez Montero, alias "Caracho," is a former soldier who was recruited into the ranks of... ReadLeer
/ Caracho

Jose Eberto Lopez Montero, alias ‘Caracho’

The discovery of an illicit poppy field in Ecuador draws attention to increasing production of... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Ecuador Poppy Field Find Highlights Shifting Heroin Production

The U.S. announced that it would deliver a Black Hawk helicopter to Mexico’s Federal Police,... ReadLeer
/ Merida Initiative

US to Deliver 3rd Black Hawk Helicopter to Mexican Police

One of Colombia's most wanted drug traffickers took the unusual move of granting a media interview... ReadLeer
/ Caracho

Colombia Drug Lord’s Surrender Offer Rings Hollow