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According to a Colombian think tank, the FARC's increased reliance on landmarks and sniper fire is... ReadLeer
/ Antonio García

Despite Attacks, Colombia’s Rebels Are Losing the War: Report

More money is laundered through Costa Rica than any other Central American country, according to a... ReadLeer
/ Costa Rica

Costa Rica Tops List of Money Laundering in Central America

Colombian police have reported finding two drug-smuggling submarines close to the country's Pacific... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Colombia Seizes 2 Narco-Submarines in a Week

In what appears to be a severe case of selective hearing, the Guyanese government has released a... ReadLeer
/ Guyana

Guyana Not a Narco-State, Declares Guyanese Govt

Some in Washington are calling for a counterinsurgency strategy against Mexico's drug gangs -- this... ReadLeer
/ La Familia Michoacana

Counterinsurgency is not the Answer for Mexico

Peru's newly-elected President Ollanta Humala has promised to send more troops to an area of the... ReadLeer
/ Peru

Why Peru Still Can’t Shake its Guerrilla Army

The Honduras government says Mexican gangs like the Zetas and the Sinaloa Cartel are turning the... ReadLeer
/ Honduras

Post-2009 Coup, Honduras a ‘Narco-Storehouse’

Peru's President Ollanta Humala has called for heightened counternarcotics cooperation with the... ReadLeer
/ Peru

Peru’s Humala Calls for Closer Anti-Drug Cooperation with US

As it settles in to a long-term role in public security, the Mexican military is seeking additional... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Mexico’s Army Seeks More Funding, But Should it Have Key Security Role?

Three Venezuelan congressmen are claiming that a hospital close to the Colombian border has... ReadLeer
/ Alfonso Cano

Venezuela Govt Organizing FARC Leader’s Medical Treatment: Lawmakers

Following a deadly attack by Paraguay's elusive guerrilla group the EPP, the government may deploy... ReadLeer

Paraguay Rebels Kill 2 Police in Ambush

Rio de Janeiro's Military Police plans increase security at a controversial prison unit holding... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Images of Rio Prison Party Force Tightened Security for Jailed Police