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The announcement that Venezuela’s president is suffering from cancer raises the question of what... ReadLeer
/ Kidnapping

Security in a Post-Chavez Venezuela

The number of killings related to organized crime in Mexico was 16 percent higher in the first half... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Mexico: Organized Crime Killings Up 16% in 2011

Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos has revealed that the leader of the FARC rebel group... ReadLeer
/ Alfonso Cano

Colombia Military Hours Behind FARC Leader: Santos

Colombian rebels are believed to be behind the massacre of seven people who pretended to be the... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

FARC Massacre 7 who Impersonated Rebels in Extortion Racket

Mexico's National Security Council sets out a new anti-kidnapping program, which will include... ReadLeer
/ Kidnapping

Mexico Sets Out Anti-Kidnap Program

Venezuelan authorities have opened an investigation into one of the country’s major news networks... ReadLeer
/ Prisons

Venezuela Probes TV Network Over Prison Riots

The Bolivian government has confirmed its decision to renounce a major UN drug convention, after... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

Bolivia Withdraws from UN Drug Convention

A police raid on a notorious slum in Puerto Rico has drawn attention to the increased drug violence... ReadLeer
/ Caribbean

Puerto Rico Slum Raid Points to Rising Drug Violence

Those seeking an alternative to the war on drugs often call for a shift in focus: from reducing... ReadLeer
/ Drug Policy

Reducing Drug Demand: Not a Magic Bullet

Seven officers are being interrogated over their suspected involvement in the murder of the... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

North Mexico Police Questioned over Chief’s Murder