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News that El Salvador police may have masterminded the 2009 murder of a top DEA informant is a sign... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

El Salvador Police Accused of Killing DEA Informant

An alleged commander of the 48th Front of Colombian guerrilla group the FARC was captured in Quito... ReadLeer
/ Ecuador

Ecuador Captures Alleged FARC Commander ‘Danilo’

A report by Mexico’s government has branded the actions of the Familia drug gang as "terrorist" --... ReadLeer
/ La Familia Michoacana

Mexico Brands Drug Gang Tactics ‘Terrorist’

A Catholic priest and rights activist claimed that at least 80 migrants were abducted from a... ReadLeer
/ Kidnapping

80 Migrants Kidnapped from Train in Southeast Mexico: Priest

The chief of police in a suburb of the wealthy north Mexico city of Monterrey has been gunned down,... ReadLeer
/ Gulf Cartel

North Mexico Police Chief Gunned Down in Office

A documentary film claims the Colombian government faked its dramatic 2008 rescue of politician... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Film Claims Colombia Paid FARC Rebels to Free Betancourt

Mexico’s efforts to reform its weak and widely mistrusted judicial system have broad support among... ReadLeer
/ Judicial Reform

Measuring Reforms to Mexico’s Broken Justice System

The annual United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) report on the global drug trade paints... ReadLeer

Key Points from the UNODC World Drug Report

With just a little over a year left in his term, Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon is looking at... ReadLeer
/ Juarez Cartel

A Survey of Mexico’s Trafficking Networks

The testimony of a captured member of the Zetas organization seems to have resolved the mystery of... ReadLeer
/ Kidnapping

Zeta Testimony Solves Mystery of Mexico Bus Massacres

Hackers released documents yesterday claiming Arizona law officials knew the location of fugitive... ReadLeer
/ Cybercrime

Lulzsec Hackers: US Failed to Inform Mexico of El Chapo’s Whereabouts

Salvadoran authorities arrested three men allegedly involved in the trafficking of fourteen... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

Three Arrested over 2010 Tamaulipas Massacre