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U.S. anti-drug officials often claim that government policies have limited the supply of cocaine in... ReadLeer
/ Merida Initiative

A Reduction in Supply? Analyzing Recent Cocaine Price Trends

El Espectador reports that 80 families, including some former members of the United Self Defense... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Ex-paramilitaries Displaced by FARC; Mexico Debates Security Measures

After the mysterious death of a Contra leader in February, armed groups have reportedly emerged to... ReadLeer
/ Honduras

In Nicaragua, Contras or Drug Traffickers?

The arrest of a Colombian drug lord, leader of the little-known gang "La Cordillera," has shed... ReadLeer
/ Ecuador

‘Colombian Narco Controlled Quito Drug Market’

Despite criticism from sectors of the previous Colombian administration, including former President... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Santos As Regional Player; The Tribulations of Mexico’s Deported

As Mexican cartels infiltrate Central America, corrupt elements within the region’s militaries... ReadLeer
/ Arms Trafficking

Cable: Honduran Military Supplied Weaponry to Cartels

Two factions associated with the Sinaloa Cartel have turned their guns on each other in Durango,... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Factions of Sinaloa Cartel Battle in Durango

Ecuador has arrested a Colombian drug lord from a little known but very rich gang, Cordillera.... ReadLeer
/ Ecuador

Colombian Drug Boss Arrested in Ecuador

The state of siege had not yet ended and they had already returned. "Did you hear a cardamom... ReadLeer
/ Guatemala

Plaza Publica: The Ghost of the Zetas

A spate of recent arrests in Morelos has confirmed the belief that the South Pacific Cartel (SPC)... ReadLeer
/ Gulf Cartel

A Poet’s Son Dies, Mexico Finds Answer in the Abyss

Sixteen national congressmen in Honduras are drug traffickers, according to a former security... ReadLeer
/ Honduras

Honduras Drug Politicians; Mexico Gets Firm; Durango Mass Graves

More than 5,000 members of the Dominican security forces have been fired over the last three years... ReadLeer
/ Caribbean

Corruption in Dominican Security Forces Aids Drug Trafficking