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One of Rio de Janeiro’s biggest paramilitary leaders is still commanding his group from prison,... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Prison No Problem for Rio’s Militia Leaders

Police in Argentina have arrested the alleged top financial operative of a very wealthy but for a... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

Financial Head of Colombia ‘Soccer Cartel’ Arrested

A report from Just the Facts assesses the achievements of the Colombian government's... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Just the Facts: Stabilization and Development – Lessons of Colombia’s ‘Consolidation’ Model

A series of three news reports, written by Jose Luis Sierra and published by New American Media,... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

New America Media: The Press Under Pressure

Colombia captured a top commander of one of the country's smaller drug-trafficking groups, Renacer... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Renacer Arrest Points to Splintering of Colombia Drug Trade

A television cameraman was shot to death on a bus as he rode to work in El Salvador, the Associated... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

El Salvador Cameraman Murdered on Bus

The body count from two areas of mass graves in Mexico had grown to 279, the government announced.... ReadLeer
/ Human Smuggling

Toll from Mexico Mass Graves Inches Towards 300

A Chilean judge found eighteen members of a drug trafficking group known as "Los Gaete" guilty of... ReadLeer
/ Chile

18 Chileans from ‘Gaete’ Sentenced

As the allocated term for National Guard troops sent to bolster security on the U.S.'s southern... ReadLeer
/ US/Mexico Border

US Rethinks National Guard Withdrawal from Mexico Border

With the arrest of alleged drug kingpin Waldemar Lorenzana, organized crime in Guatemala seems to... ReadLeer
/ Guatemala

Guatemalan Drug Kingpin Arrested with US Assistance

The intimate photos of Martin Omar Estrada Luna, alias “El Kilo,” the reputed killer of hundreds... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

InSight: ‘Kilo’ Photos a Window into Mexico’s Future

With a British think tank set to publish a WikiLeaks-style database of unedited computer documents... ReadLeer
/ Alfonso Cano

Timeline: Revelations from the ‘Raul Reyes’ Computers