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As Mexico’s cartels continue to wage war against each other and government forces, many Mexicans... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Often Overlooked, Mexico’s Displaced Population Increasing

Rio de Janeiro has named its first female police chief after a purge of the city's civil force... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Brazil Cleans Up Police As Well As Slums

The governor of Guatemala’s embattled frontier province Peten has asked the federal government to... ReadLeer
/ Guatemala

RawFeed: Governor of Peten Calls for ‘State of Siege’

In the aftermath of the shooting of an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officer in... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

ICE Agent’s Death in Mexico a Game Changer, in a Game that Doesn’t Change

Reports from the Dominican Republic warn of the presence of Russian and Italian mafia on the... ReadLeer
/ Caribbean

Are the Mafia Moving into the Dominican Republic?

A classified State Department cable, written in February 2009 and released recently by WikiLeaks,... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

WikiLeaks: Zetas in Seven Guatemalan Provinces

InSight has learned that the unidentified gunmen, responsible for killing one and wounding another... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Two US Agents Attacked: One Dead, Many Questions

Cuban police seized 3,023 kilos of narcotics last year, 70 percent of which was marijuana,... ReadLeer
/ Caribbean

Cuba Releases 2010 ‘Drug War’ Statistics

Peruvian NGO Capital Humano y Social Alternativo reported on new strategies employed by Peru’s... ReadLeer
/ Human Trafficking

Peru’s Human Traffickers Develop New Tactics

In a display of drug cartels’ increasing technological sophistication, Colombian officials have... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Colombia Seizes Its First True ‘Narco Sub’

A Venezuelan think-tank stated that kidnappings could have risen by 60 percent between 2009 and... ReadLeer
/ Kidnapping

Kidnapping in Venezuela Rose 60% in 2010: Think Tank

The U.K. release of “My Kidnapper,” a documentary film about a British former hostage's meeting... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Documentary Film Explores Kidnapping in Colombia