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Dr. Francisco José Mora Palma (right)

Costa Rica Organ Trafficking Trial Links Illicit Transplant Network to Ukraine

New details have emerged regarding the inner workings of a sophisticated organ trafficking network with international ties operating in Costa Rica, suggesting that...
The Belgium port city of Antwerp

Inside Germany’s Largest-Ever Cocaine Seizure: The Belgium Connection

The largest cocaine seizure ever in Germany points to the role of the port city of Antwerp in neighboring Belgium as a major entry point for drugs destined to...
Europol report tackles money laundering

EU Money Laundering Analysis Offers Lessons for Latin America

A new report by the European police agency Europol examines why so much suspect financial activity results in so few money laundering prosecutions, and offers...
Rocco Morabito of Italy's 'Ndrangheta

Fugitive Italian Latest Foreign Crime Boss Captured in Uruguay

An Italian crime boss and one of Italy's most wanted criminals has been arrested in Uruguay after decades on the run, highlighting another case in which an...
Cocaine availability may be rising in Europe

Europe Feeling Effects of Cocaine and Opioid Crises: Report

A new report indicates that the availability of cocaine and synthetic opioids is on the rise in Europe, a sign that the continent is feeling the effects of...
Spain's Interior Minister Juan Ignacio Zoido inspecting the cocaine seized on June 4

Maritime Seizures of LatAm Cocaine Shipments to Spain on the Rise

Authorities in Spain say they have seen a marked increase in maritime seizures of South American cocaine destined for Europe in the past two years, highlighting the...
Miro Rizvanovic Niemeier, alias "El Ruso"

Bosnian Trafficker Tied to Urabeños Captured in Italy

The arrest in Italy of a Bosnian drug trafficker accused of working with Colombia's Urabeños crime group shows the growing links between South American and...
Child pornography distributors created a global network using WhatsApp

Multinational Operation Targets Major Online Child Porn Network

An operation against a child pornography network that spanned at least 18 countries in Europe and Latin America has once again underscored the difficulties of...
Colombian police arrested William Rafael Vargas Maestre, alias "Canoso"

Arrests Suggest Colombia Traffickers Tightening Grip on Spain’s Drug Trade

Authorities in Colombia have arrested one of Spain's "most wanted" suspects and their Spanish counterparts have dismantled a Colombian-led drug trafficking ring,...
Spanish authorities with seized cocaine

Spain Arrests, Drug Seizures Signal Colombia Cocaine Boom Could Hit Europe

Authorities in Spain seized over one ton of cocaine from a Colombian drug trafficking network and arrested dozens of its members, a potential sign that the surge in...
Image taken from a video of the international bust

Spain and Morocco Bust Colombia Cocaine Trafficking Ring

Police in Spain and Morocco have dismantled what has been called the "most active" drug trafficking organization to operate across three continents, shedding light...
100 million euros worth of Colombian cocaine and 600,000 euros in cash were seized by French authorities in Bayonne

Large Cocaine Seizure in France Reflects Increasing Appetite for Drugs

The seizure of a metric ton of Colombian cocaine and a dismantled international trafficking ring in southwest France illustrate the increasing appetite for drugs in...