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José Bayron Piedrahita Ceballos is suspected of being a major money launderer

Colombia Trafficker Tied to International Corruption, Money Laundering

An investigation with ramifications across the Americas has culminated in the arrest of an old-school Colombian drug trafficker who managed to adapt to major...
The 'narco-rice' case began in September 2015

Argentina ‘Narco-Rice’ Investigation Turns Towards Soccer

Authorities in Argentina are investigating everything from soccer matches and players' rights to investments in a crematorium as part of the second phase of an...
Boca Juniors supporters during a game

Are Argentina Soccer Hooligans Expanding Their Criminal Portfolio?

Reports indicate that one of Argentina's criminalized soccer hooligan groups known as "barras bravas" provided muscle for an extortion ring in Buenos Aires,...

LatAm Presidents and the Law: Is Era of Impunity Nearing Its End?

From kidnapping and mass murder to money laundering and misuse of public funds, contemporary Latin American leaders have been investigated for a broad range of...
A demonstrator in Venezuela, the country's with the world's worst "law and order" score

Latin America Again Ranks as World’s Least Secure Region: Report

For the eighth year in a row, an annual report from the Gallup polling organization has ranked Latin America as the least secure region in the world,...
An Argentine police car at a crime scene

Deadly Argentina Drug Turf Wars Call Security Strategies Into Question

A series of killings in Buenos Aires and Rosario, Argentina linked to a booming microtrafficking business highlight ongoing insecurity in those areas, while raising...
Riot police in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Why Police Reforms Rarely Succeed: Lessons From Latin America

As discussions about police reform abound throughout the Americas, Yanilda González, an assistant professor at the University of Chicago, examines the implications...
Graffiti calling for an end to impunity

Killing of Argentina Whistleblower Cop Raises Suspicions of Cover-Up

The killing in Argentina of a police officer who spoke out against corruption in the force appears to be the latest in a list of deadly cover-ups orchestrated by...
Graffiti that reads "Against Corruption"

After Lula’s Conviction, A Typology of Presidential Corruption

On the surface, former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva's 9-year sentence for corruption seems reminiscent of numerous corruption cases targeting...
Customs fraud scheme may have cost Argentina $300 million

Argentina Customs Fraud Scheme Harkens Back to Venezuela

A customs fraud that allegedly allowed a criminal network to steal millions from Argentina's government looks eerily similar to how some of Venezuela's private...
Argentina is increasingly detecting illegal flights

Drug Flights Grow Due to Argentina Land, River Control: Security Official

An Argentine security official claims interdiction efforts against fluvial and land-based trafficking have spurred a sharp rise in drug flights. But improved radar...
Argentina presented the first official victimization survey in seven years

Argentina Crime Survey Is Another Step Toward Transparency

Argentina's first official report on crime victimization in years represents an initial step toward enhancing transparency around security issues, but it is still...