Almost 74 percent of Mexicans think that violence has spread and worsened in 2011, while a majority say they do not always support the government's anti-crime policies, according to a survey by the national university.

The institute for legal research at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) carried out a nationwide poll on perceptions of the legal system and the constitution in May.

Half of all respondents thought that violence would be even worse in 2012, while some 66 percent said that they did not always support the government's anti-crime policies.

Only 54 percent of respondents said that it was possible to respect human rights in the struggle against organized crime, while about a third said they would support torturing a member of a criminal group to gain information.

The survey showed a relatively high level of support for the army, with the average level of confidence in the insitutition being 6.8, where 10 would indicate full confidence.