Horst Walther Overdick, alias “El Tigre,” was one of the biggest drug traffickers in Guatemala. He used the experience and connections he made buying cardamom from local suppliers to transport large loads of cocaine from South America through Guatemala on the way to the US. Guatemalan authorities reported his capture in April 2012.

In recent years, Overdick teamed up with some of the largest Guatemalan drug traffickers, including Ottoniel Turcios, who was arrested in 2010 in Belize and extradited to the United States to face trial for drug trafficking. He also has close ties to the Lorenzana family, a long-time contraband family that has become one of the largest trafficking organizations in Guatemala. At the time of his capture, Overdick was maintaining an alliance with Mexican group the Zetas. This alliance was convenient for both parties. The Overdick group benefited from the Zetas' firepower, training and brutal tactics that strike fear in their rivals. The Zetas benefited from Overdick’s local connections in the political and business worlds, as well as his links with current and former Guatemalan military. The result was the most powerful trafficking group in Guatemala.

Guatemalan authorities reported that Overdick was captured in San Lucas, west of Guatemala City, in April 2012. He was extradited to the United States the following December.