• Colombia Moves Against FARC Dissenters' Criminal Assets

    FARC splinter groups are forming around Colombia

    Authorities in Colombia have seized close to $100 million in assets allegedly belonging to FARC dissidents, as the state begins the mammoth task of identifying and dismantling the vast illicit interests that are being taken over by criminalized guerrilla splinter groups.

  • Colombia’s Rural Communities Fight Growing Post-Conflict Threats

    Colombia has seen a recent surge in coca farmer blockades against eradicators

    Colombia's rural communities stand to gain -- and potentially lose ­-- the most as the country's 50-year-old armed conflict turns a new leaf. Coca-growing communities fear that they will lose the financial security of their drug crops, while a lack of security guarantees for social leaders has led to a surge in assassinations. As tensions rise in the countryside, civilian resistance may also gather strength.

  • Last FARC Rebels Reach Concentration Zones, But Questions Remain

    Colombian President Santos visiting a FARC concentration zone

    Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos said the FARC guerrillas have completed their transition into special concentration zones, but questions remain about the number of insurgents still left in the field and how the next steps in the demobilization process will pan out. 

  • Raid of Colombia Cocaine Labs Shows Resilience of Drug Trade

    A destroyed cocaine laboratory in Colombia

    Security forces in Colombia have destroyed over 150 cocaine laboratories belonging to a criminal group that the government recently announced had been dismantled, a sign of the drug trade's resiliency as the country enters the post-conflict phase. 

  • Multilateral Cooperation Positive Sign for Odebrecht Investigations

    Prosecutors discuss the Odebrecht case

    Prosecutors from 11 countries have met to coordinate their response to the Odebrecht corruption case, in an unusually strong showing of multilateral cooperation that is a positive sign for the multiple investigations' chances of uncovering the company's collaborators.

  • Plea Deal Lands Colombia Drug Boss Light Sentence in US Court

    Luis Enrique Calle Serna

    A Colombian drug boss whose surrender to US authorities helped decimate what was once among the country's most powerful criminal organizations has negotiated his way into receiving just a nine-year prison sentence in a US court.

  • Colombia Looking to Keep Cocaine out of Valentine’s Day Flowers

    Colombian authorities are increasing inspections of flower shipments leaving the country for St Valentine's Day

    Authorities in Colombia have been preparing for Valentine's Day by inspecting flower shipments to make sure they are not laced with cocaine, yet another example of the creative methods drug traffickers use to skirt anti-drug controls. 

  • Colombia's Mirror: War and Drug Trafficking in the Prison System

    Colombia's prisons are a reflection of the multiple conflicts that have plagued the country for the last half-century. Paramilitaries, guerrillas and drug trafficking groups have vied for control of the jails where they can continue to manage their operations on the outside. Instead of corralling these forces, prison authorities have joined them, while multiple government efforts to reform the system have failed.   

  • As ELN Peace Talks Start, a Rocky Path Ahead

    Nicolás Rodríguez Bautista, alias "Gabino," leader of the ELN

    As the public phase of peace talks between the government of Colombia and the country's second-largest guerrilla group begins, the rebels' ongoing kidnappings and fragmented structure promise a bumpy road for the negotiations.

  • Colombia FARC Soldiers Demobilize, Militias Remain in Field

    The number of FARC troops expected to demobilize is smaller than many had hoped

    Thousands of FARC guerrillas have moved into concentration zones to start a demobilization process, but InSight Crime estimates that the total number of those surrendering represents only a fraction of the total rebel structure.