• Honduras Authorities Covered Up Police Sending Weapons to FARC: Report

    A commission is purging Honduras' police of corrupt officers

    An El Heraldo report revealed that top security officials have suppressed internal investigations into a police network that allegedly sold weapons to a Colombian guerrilla group in the early 2000s, yet another illustration of the institutionalized corruption within the force.  

  • US Congress Members Support CentAm Anti-Corruption Efforts

    The US Capitol Building

    Members of the US Congress have introduced a resolution supporting the anti-corruption efforts of several Central American governments, showing the legislative body's commitment to backing such initiatives even as they come under fire in the region.

  • Closing of Private School in Honduras Linked to Extortion

    Gangs target students and schools for extortion

    The temporary closing of a private school in Honduras may have been due to the imposition of what administrators are calling a "war tax," an illustration of how extortion negatively affects the daily life of so many in this Central American nation. 

  • Report Reveals Intersection of Development Projects, Organized Crime in Honduras

    Land activists are more likely to be killed in Honduras than anywhere else in the world.

    A new report by the watchdog group Global Witness suggests that state institutions co-opted by business and political elites helped transform Honduras into the world's most dangerous place for environmental activists, highlighting how criminal networks can turn development projects into deadly illicit enterprises.

  • Where Chaos Reigns: Inside the San Pedro Sula Prison

    In San Pedro Sula's jailhouse, chaos reigns. The inmates, trapped in their collective misery, battle for control over every inch of their tight quarters. Farm animals and guard dogs roam free and feed off scraps, which can include a human heart. Every day is visitors' day, and the economy bustles with everything from chicken stands to men who can build customized jail cells. Here you can find a party stocked with champagne and live music. But you can also find an inmate hacked to pieces. Those who guard these quarters are also those who get rich selling air-conditioned rooms, and those who pay the consequences if they get too greedy. That's how inmates live, on their own virtual island free from government interference, in the San Pedro Sula prison.

  • Honduras to Combat Police Impersonation with New Uniforms

    Police in Honduras are getting new uniforms to combat officer impersonation

    Security officials in Honduras announced that the National Police will adopt new uniforms designed to combat officer impersonation, a noteworthy step toward combating a longstanding problem.

  • Money Laundering Links Honduras, Panama and US

    Honduras' IHSS case may now have links to Panama and the US.

    Two Honduran executives allegedly used a Panamanian business and a US bank to pay $2.5 million in bribes, suggesting that banks based in Panama and the United States may be involved in one of the biggest corruption cases in Honduras.

  • Honduras Extends Police Reform Commission until 2018

    Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández

    The president of Honduras has announced that a reform commission designed to purge the country's police forces will continue its work until 2018, a move that could strengthen his bid for re-election.

  • New Allegations Highlight Continuing Corruption in Honduras Police

    One of the police officers arrested as a result of the recent investigation

    Authorities in Honduras have dismantled several networks of allegedly corrupt law enforcement officers, a positive sign for the country's efforts to purge its police institution but also a reminder of the depth and breadth of corruption in the force.

  • InSight Crime's 2016 Homicide Round-up

    InSight Crime's round-up of Latin America and the Caribbean's 2016 homicide rates

    Politicians often make lofty promises about reducing homicides and improving citizen security, but which Latin American and Caribbean countries actually achieved this over the past year? Find out in our annual homicide report.