• Barrio 18 Members Arrested in Series of Attacks on Guatemala Police

    Alleged Barrio 18 members captured for attacks on police

    Over a dozen alleged members of the Barrio 18 gang were arrested for their participation in a series of attacks against police stations in Guatemala City, which authorities say was in response to security forces putting down a bloody riot in a juvenile detention center. 

  • Spanish Court Acquits Fmr Guatemala Minister Accused of Extra-Judicial Killings

    The recently-acquitted Carlos Vielman

    A Spanish court has acquitted Carlos Vielman, Guatemala's former interior minister, of taking part in the extra-judicial killings of at least ten inmates in the country.

  • Guatemala Arrests Fmr Congresswoman Linked to Drug Group

    Emilenne Mazariegos in custody

    A former congresswoman in Guatemala was sent to prison to await trial for her alleged involvement in an embezzlement scheme, but these charges may be the tip of the iceberg given previous accusations of high-level corruption and involvement with organized crime lodged against her.

  • Correction to InSight Crime's March 7 Guatemala Article

    InSight Crime's March 7 article, "Aging Guatemala Drug Lord Freed by US After Debate Over Mental State," incorrectly reported that Waldemar Lorenzana, a Guatemalan citizen who pleaded guilty to drug trafficking charges following his extradition to the United States in 2014, had been released from US federal prison. We have removed this article from our website and removed all references to it in social media.

  • US Report Shows Revitalized Central America Cocaine Corridor

    Colombian cocaine seized in the Caribbean

    The US State Department named seven Central American countries as havens for laundering the proceeds of drug trafficking and organized crime, and described the region as a main cocaine corridor for US markets, confirming the importance of Central America in the international drug trade.

  • Top Honduras Drug Trafficker Captured in Guatemala

    Víctor Hugo Díaz Morales, alias 'El Rojo,' captured in Guatemala City

    A little-known, but powerful Honduran underworld figure was arrested in Guatemala on March 4, leading to yet another reconfiguration in an already shaken underworld and sparking intrigue as to what he can reveal about his political networks in both countries.

  • Defining a Mafia State: The Case of Guatemala

    Former Guatemala President Otto Pérez Molina (left) and Vice President Roxana Baldetti

    On March 2, InSight Crime held a Facebook Live session to discuss current events related to organized crime in Latin America. Our main topic was the creation of a mafia state in Guatemala, and the recent US indictment against former top Guatemalan officials on drug charges. This is a transcript of the introduction to our conversation on the topic. 

  • Are US Anti-Crime Programs in Central America Working?

    The State Department and USAID manage most of CARSI's funding

    Over the past several years, the United States has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on crime and violence prevention programs in Central America, with few evaluations of the impact of this investment. But one hotly debated study highlights the challenges of measuring security assistance outcomes, as well as the need for a greater body of analysis about the efficacy of such initiatives.

  • 'Drug Charges Against Ex-Guatemala Officials are Tip of the Iceberg'

    Former Guatemalan Chancellor Edgar Gutiérrez

    Edgar Gutiérrez spoke with elPeriódico about how the relationship between organized crime and political power has evolved in Guatemala. Gutiérrez, who served as foreign chancellor during the administration of former President Alfonso Portillo, says Guatemala has reached a stage where politicians and organized crime mutually benefit from one other, making the fight against corruption that much more difficult. 

  • US Indicts Fmr Guatemala VP, Fmr Interior Minister on Drug Charges

    Former Guatemala Vice President Roxana Baldetti

    A US federal court has indicted the former vice president and the former interior minister of Guatemala on cocaine trafficking charges, suggesting US officials are skeptical about the ability of the Central American country's justice system to successfully prosecute these powerful figures.