El Salvador

El Salvador

  • Police-Gang Confrontations Happen Daily in El Salvador

    El Salvador police officer on patrol

    El Salvador's national police director says his officers have engaged in 459 confrontations with gangs so far in 2016, a staggering number that suggests something resembling a low-intensity war is playing out in the Central American nation. 

  • CentAm Migrants Suffer Brunt of Mexico Crackdown: Report

    Mexican authorities have cracked down on migration

    Mexico's crackdown against Central American migrants has increased human rights violations and crimes against the migrants, according to a new report, suggesting it is the vulnerable rather than the human smugglers that are suffering as a result of the new security measures.

  • El Salvador Transfers Judges to Combat Corruption in Judiciary

    El Salvador's Supreme Court building

    El Salvador's Supreme Court has transferred 21 judges, including four that made rulings favorable to a prominent businessman accused of corrupting the justice system, a clear sign that the high court supports the current crackdown on impunity by the Attorney General's Office.

  • Report Describes Shifting Patterns of Violence in El Salvador

    Crime scene in Jiquilisco, the site of a case study in the INCIDE report

    A new report describes recent shifts in the characteristics of violence in El Salvador, and it offers recommendations for how to deal with these developments, focusing particularly on the need to tailor violence reduction and prevention strategies to specific local conditions.

  • Refugees from Central America Violence May Head Down Under

    Central American migrants head north.

    With the United States increasingly clamping down on its southern border and high numbers of Central American refugees continuing to flee the violence associated with gangs and organized crime, more and more migrants are opting to leave the continent altogether.

  • El Salvador Chips Away at Very High Homicide Rate

    Crime Scene in El Salvador

    The homicide rate in El Salvador showed improvement in the first half of September, continuing a steady decline in violent deaths seen over the past six months, though the country still has a long way to go to achieve murder rates in line with international norms.

  • El Salvador Disappearances Down From Post-Gang Truce Peak

    Photographs of people reported missing in El Salvador

    Newly reported statistics from El Salvador's National Civil Police indicate that disappearances have declined from a peak reached in 2014 after the dissolution of a controversial gang truce, raising questions about the relationship between the truce and the rate of disappearances.

  • El Salvador Announces New Anti-Impunity Unit

    Attorney General Douglas Meléndez (left) and Justice Minister Mauricio Ramirez Landaverde in the teleconference.

    El Salvador’s attorney general announced the creation of a new anti-impunity unit in the prosecutor's office that will work on politically sensitive corruption cases and have strong backing from the US government, although it lacks direct international participation.

  • Militarization and Crime: Central America’s Dangerous Gamble

    Guatemalan military on a joint patrol with the police

    A new report indicates that Central American states have increasingly relied on the military to fight crime with help from the United States, a decision which may bear consequences for human rights and levels of violence within the young democracies.

  • El Salvador Gangs Wielding More Weapons of War

    M-16 confiscated from a gang in El Salvador

    The government of El Salvador's militarized campaign against the country's street gangs has been met by an increasingly heavily armed reaction. El Faro's investigation indicates that the gangs' growing use of assault rifles is an echo of the civil war that ended almost 25 years ago.