• Nicaragua Govt Says Police were Ambushed, Killed

    A commemorative event for slain Nicaraguan police

    Five police officers were killed in a notorious drug trafficking hub in Nicaragua, an unusual outbreak of violence in one of Central America's most peaceful nations. 

  • The Life of Accidental Drug Traffickers on Nicaragua's Atlantic Coast

    A scene from Nicaragua's Miskito coast

    In Nicaragua, the "occasional narcos" have chance on their side, as any day, they may enjoy a stroke of luck and become rich. Residents of the Mosquito Coast, a hub for the international drug trade, are indigenous peoples that once lived off of lobster fishing, but have found another way of getting by -- trafficking cocaine.

  • Reñazcos

    A Nicaraguan drug transport gang, the Reñazco family is believed to move cocaine shipments along Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast and provide other services to international trafficking groups, such as refueling the go-fast boats that move drug shipments northwards.