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The Specialized Police Unit facility where Jarvis Chimenes Pavão is detained

Brazil’s Biggest Gang Planning Kingpin’s Paraguay Prison Break: Police

Brazil's largest and most powerful criminal organization is allegedly plotting to free a prominent drug trafficker currently jailed in Paraguay, raising questions...
Luiz Carlos da Rocha, better known as "Cabeça Branca," or "White Head"

Inside the Capture of ‘Cabeça Branca,’ the ‘Baron’ of Brazil’s Drug Trade

In early July, authorities in Brazil captured one of the world's most wanted drug trafficking suspects: Luiz Carlos da Rocha, alias "Cabeça Branca." With the...
Adrián Velarde Huamaní, alias "Chato Adrián"

‘Most Wanted’ Peru Drug Trafficker Captured in Brazil

The arrest in Brazil of a wanted drug trafficker from Peru who was on the run for more than a decade illustrates how trafficking dynamics have evolved in Peru's...
The military in Rio de Janeiro's Rocinha favela

‘Classic Rio Gangster Battle’ Leaves Brazil Favela in State of Siege

One of Brazil's largest favelas has been under siege for more than a week as two rival crime groups battle for territorial control, illustrating shifting criminal...
Protestors in Guatemala

Weekly InSight: An Open Discussion on Crime and Corruption in Latin America

In our September 21 Facebook Live Session, Co-director Steven Dudley and Senior Editor Mike LaSusa discussed some of our viewers' questions concerning the most...
Brazil President Michel Temer

Brazil President Faces New Criminal Charges Related to Graft Scheme

The first sitting president in the history of Brazil to face criminal charges has been indicted once again, this time for allegedly obstructing justice and leading...
Police diagram showing President Michel Temer as a criminal chief

Brazil Police Map Corruption ‘Gang,’ Arrows Point to President Temer

Brazil's federal police have created a diagram to illustrate their conception of the leadership structure of a "gang" of politicians accused of involvement in a...
Brazil President Michel Temer of the PMDB

New Charges Provide Further Evidence of Crime Group Run by Brazil Elites

Brazil's top prosecutor has charged several former and current senators with receiving bribes and being part of a "criminal organization," offering further evidence...
Former Brazil Presidents Dilma Rousseff and Luiz Inácio "Lula" da Silva

Was Brazil’s Workers’ Party a ‘Criminal Organization’? (And Why It Matters)

Brazil's chief prosecutor charged former presidents Luiz Inácio "Lula" da Silva and Dilma Rousseff with running a "criminal organization," marking a new attempt by...